VAC and SimpleScreenRecorder

I’m planning on recording some gameplay with SimpleScreenRecorder and I would prefer to use the programs OpenGL option.

The program developer states that


OpenGL recording works by injecting a library into the program that will be recorded. This library will override some system functions in order to capture the frames before they are displayed on the screen. If you are trying to record a game that tries to detect hacking attempts on the client side, it’s (theoretically) possible that the game will consider this a hack. This might even get you banned, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the program you want to record won’t ban you, before you try to record it. You’ve been warned :).*

Any experience and/or knowledge if these library injections would be considered a rust-cheat by VAC?

probably shouldn’t use it

a better idea would be DXtory if you want to feel safe, I’ve used it with vac games. It costs, though.

Use lagarith codec

Yeah, that would probably be a better idea if one were using windows OS. :slight_smile:

Yeah, you might not want to do it. Always better safe than sorry when it comes to permanent bans.

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Facepunch doesn’t show the OP’s OS. Not his fault.

Yeah, I guess probably not unless someone say it’s safe.

Of course it does not. Was there rudeness in my answer to him? :slight_smile:

I dunno if you’ve been around the internet for the past half decade, but “:)” is something you’ll see a lot in snide remarks.

Ok, whatever. Thanks for looking out for not intended but obviously snidely “:)”. :smiley:

Open Broadcaster Software is cross platform. Works great. No problems with rust or cs go etc. Thousands of people using OBS to record rust and csgo on twitch. Or even just recording and not streaming.

Use OBS like the guy above said

It’s a brilliant screen capture program and I’ve used it countless times with VAC secured games

Thanks for the tip! This obviously looks like a better alternative than SSR :slight_smile:

If you have a not-old nVidia card I’d recommend Shadowplay.

This. Bandicam ( is also good, and free into the bargain.

Nvidia users, shadowplay is also available

Didnt notice someone already suggested… oops

Almost every screen recording software works in the same fashion, including OBS and Bandicam.

You get banned for cheating, not for anything else.

for the sake of the argument, i’d also choose something from the EAC supported list here. presumably if it is supported by EAC it’s unlikely to have any issues with VAC, and it saves you from finding something that is fine for VAC but isn’t supported by rust’s other anticheat.

If you are using linux, just use OBS. It’s free and proven.

I tried OBS today and it seems lika an impressive piece of software for recording and streaming games, at least for linux. But I guess the mac and windows versions perform similar. Thanks!