VAC BAN! Please help :)

So… i was playing rust with my friend you know just a normal day.
AND then strange thinks started to happen building were disapearing so yeah. Well we played some more and my friend got VAC BANED i dont know why he took a guy out with a shotgun from 2meters that easy. And we were sad realy sad well i waned to play some rust when he went offline and i see VAC BAN. I dont know how dq this happend. So if you can help me and my friend i be realy happy :slight_smile:

You got vac banned because you have used one or more hacks.
Your friend, the same.
It is not reversible.

You cheated and then you got banned the end.

This, time to get a new account and copy if you want to play Rust again.

You’ll need to contact Steam Support about this. Nobody here or at Facepunch Studios can do anything about it.

im still surprised people still post these type of threads

Na zdorovie

they just don’t read this forum at all and come only to whine about their VAC bans