Vac Ban problem


i have used a program to make a map of my private and fully empty server(on my pc).
i wanted to find a good seed for my futur server, that i want to buy after. so i wanted to try differents seed and look at the map of the server, to find the best.
So i’ve used this program like 10 seconds and then close it when it appears that not a legal program, but it was too late, the day after, i was VAC ban.

My account is very old, and i’ve never cheated, and now i can’t play the game…

the program name was “rm.exe” and i don’t really know what its doing, just thinking that i have to enter the seed and the size to generate a map.

there is a solution to be unban?


(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Nope… Don’t cheat.

I’ve never cheated, so trust me or not, but it’s not really a problem for me.
i know that i’m not a cheater so.

I hear if you PM this guy

he’ll give you his VAC unbanner script

I don’t want any script thanks you.
just want to be unbanned.
i’m not a cheaters, and i have many proofs of that.
look my steam profile(
i have 190h on rust and i have never cheated.

Just don’t cheat, you guys ruin the game -_- and don’t blame it on your brother or something…

i don’t ruin the game because i don’t cheat.
i blame nobody, i assume that i have launched a cheating program by mistakes, i don’t know really what it is, just want to generate maps with differents seed to find one better than others.

I understand now that this program is used to find players in the map, but it’s not what i intented to do, i just want to make a map in a .png file of my server map, to find a good seed map with a good place for big events an so on.

everybody can make a mistake downloading a program from untrusted sources.

“Sorry guys I accidentally downloaded a cheat that shows me player map positions”

No sympathy.

But THERE WAS NOBODY on the server. just trying to make a map, on a fully empty server. There is ZERO players on this server.
I have closed this program in like ten seconds, when it appears that the program don’t do what i want.
Next i have installed an oxide 2(RustWeb) plugin to show me the map.

You should have disabled VAC on your server and client if you wanted to run cheats without being banned. VAC shouldn’t just shut off just because no one else is online.

i didn’t know that we can be VAC ban for use a program in a localhost server.
i wanted to do something like this(
To see the position of my friends on the map.

I have buy a new copy of the game, but i’m very sad of beeing banned for nothing.

I find it hard to believe you didn’t find any indication on the site that you downloaded it from that it was a cheat or cheating site…

the site was in deutch, so i don’t really understand, just the name of the program “Rust Map”

I’m sorry, it just doesn’t add up.

There are at least 2 different Oxide plugins that provide the functionality you assert you were trying to acquire. There may be others I am not sure - but the reality is recording player positions or downloading a map image is not going to get you VAC banned.

The other point is, VAC does not ban instantly, it records anomalous data over a period of weeks. It is very unlikely it was the program you claim it was that caused it. Would you care to link to where you got this ‘illegal software’ from?

Even if you really did make an honest mistake, (either installing and running a cheat program unknowingly which I find very hard to believe, or forgetting to turn VAC off on your local server while knowingly running a cheat program a bit more likely) - then quite simply, the VAC system did what it was supposed to do. Learn the lesson and move on.

It’s a shame you had to cheat OP, cuz you can generate maps on You could have avoided this if you’d been just a little smarter.

you wanted to create a map and found an obscure dutch cheat instead of finding out if there was a legitimate route, If you are silly enough to run a program you know nothing about then you do deserve the VAC.

there are a number of ways to make a map just searching “map generation rust” and look beyond the first page.

Poor excuse

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We’re sorry if you were indeed VAC banned for testing purposes, but it is important to know that VAC doesn’t look at player count or what your main goal is. If you’re playing on a VAC secured server, then any program that modifies the game in any way will result in a VAC ban. VAC bans are permanent, no matter what the intent. This is completely out of the hands of the Rust development team. Valve doesn’t remove VAC bans. VAC bans are, by all means, permanent. You have no choice but to re-buy the game at this point.

i don’t have really read before downloading, it’s my fault. Its was a cheat for legacy, a sort of minimap i think. The word “hack” appear in the url but i don’t have notice it, i’ve just clic and download.
the link is

i hope steam will unban me, but i don’t think that is really possible

i’ve buyed a new copy so, so topic is close.

Once you’ve been VAC banned you are VAC banned forever.

and thanks or the link of
its that i want!