Vac ban system.

Embodiment and Ideals? That’s a bit redundent, since Embodiment is the form of ideas and ideals is the principle and priciple is the basis (formed of the ideas) So what you are saying is:
The way you’re treating VAC-banned users is the very idea of the ideas of the Third Reich.
Rate dumb if you’re an idiot.

Does anyone remember that one Coderhire job by a guy who had a VAC ban and also wanted a script to stop people with VAC bans from joining because people don’t change apart from THIS ONE GUY

I really hope OP is the same person

There needs to be an “ironic” rating.

You really don’t know everything that goes on behind a VAC ban. I’m 90% sure you once tried to use some hack or cheat on a game, whatever game it may be, even if it was 10 years ago. That doesn’t give us the right to kick you off our server automatically for no reason even though it was a different game, ages ago, no backstory behind it, and because we are just assholes

I laughed my ass off reading Frozendairys posts, thank you for that. But on the more serious side, I still don’t think all people that have been VAC banned years ago will hack again.

I’ve covered this. A hacker is a hacker. That’s it. You’re logic is flawed if you believe that someone can change because they want to join a server. They should automatically be kicked off of a server and have all of their keys unbinded.

print("Go away, you failed.")


Your logic is flawed. Not all VAC bans are even hacking. Look into what a VAC ban is first before you flip shit. Irony of it all is, you’re abusing your privilege as a server owner to unbind all of their keys just because they want to play a game? If anything, you’re the one who shouldn’t be allowed on any servers

You’re logic is even more flawed.
Oh, and, yeah, unbindall is a blocked console command. So good luck with that.

Unfortunately for you using unbindall on a player no longer works, thanks Robotboy.

I’m sorry that you cannot comprehend a joke, what type of autism do you have?

(User was banned for this post ("rude" - postal))

You can’t possibly believe we would think you have any sense of logic after all you’ve posted on this thread


humans don’t change

he proved it

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He is like hex - but more paranoid

Report and move guys


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Way to fuck my automerge dude

I don’t see as to how he is like Hex, Hex knew how to code and Hex was a Nice guy and thirdly He had common sense etc.

He was a nice guy that unbound all your keys and stole files from people’s hard drives.

says the narrow minded person

I guess you also think anyone who goes to jail should automatically be given a life sentence regardless of the severity of the crime they committed? Perhaps you’re (lol) own logic is flawed?

Calling someone autistic because of a misunderstood, unobvious joke conveyed through text on a screen says a lot about your social skills.

My first Steam account was banned for using "bind mouse1 “+attack;wait;+lookdown;wait;wait;wait;-lookdown”

Am I a hacker? No, I haven’t ever used a cheat in any online games because they’re unfair. I used the built in system on a closed server and was unjustly banned permanently for it ( orange flashing text on screen after I clicked once and found it didn’t even work ). I think I am going to e-mail them and have them remove it since it is a disgusting system that doesn’t work and has too many false positives. It happened shortly after VAC came out during the whole “Steaming pile” discussions after Steam was released with a ton of problems.

A false positive is WORSE than a true negative because you’re banning innocent people.

But; my admin mod that I’ll be releasing soon will cover VAC Ban detection. It’ll let the server owner configure how they want to handle it from: Restricting the account ( basic guest access, locks it from , denying the account from joining ( with options ranging from… if the ban is less than 30 days or so, schedule an interview with the server-owner because they may be a decent person and may be a false positive, or may want a second chance, etc ), Alert the server of VAC Ban status with days since last ban and number of bans on join, etc…

Here’s a word of advice… I’ve caught people cheating on servers and I’ve banned people for cheating on servers. Some servers take a strict, zero tolerance, attitude, and others talk to the player and ask them to disable the cheats. I’ve found that in a lot of situations, banning someone without talking to them will cause more headaches than it is worth. I’ve also found that when you talk to them, they may deny it at first ( just let them know you witnessed it and have recordings plus other systems in place, and that they ARE caught ), but once they know they are caught and all you ask them to do is respect the rules of the server so that everyone may have an enjoyable time on the server… 99% of the time they apologize and disable them for the rest of their time on the server and actually come back to play ( fairly, I might add )! The odd 1% chance is that they’re just out to piss people off…