vac ban

To write this I used a translator, sorry for the inaccuracy, 200 days ago I got banned in the game and got vac ban on Steam for something that fell in the game without taking damage. I wrote about this to steam support but they did not help me, and now 200 days later, I decided again to play your game with a friend in a new version of the game and got ban I in the old version in version experimental, but I can’t play only on the new version and want to play it, but the whole point is that why I got ban after falling from the stone without taking damage if it is a bug of the game that I paid for. I would like to have with my steam removed the vac ban or returned my money for the game because it was a game error and not my a game error and not my fault.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - postal))