Vac Banned after Hacker messed with our server

[UPDATE] 3/6/14

Turns out the ban seems to be related to a file I tried to modify when I first bought the game to increase in-game brightness that didn’t work
I had completely forgot about it, so in the end it seems everything I posted here was unrelated and I apologize. Like someone said in this thread, the ban time was a coincidence and had nothing to do with the hacker on our server or me getting glitched in a rock right before the ban.
After reading comments and reading up on Vac to understand the system better, its clear a modified file, is a modified file, and its bannable regardless.
So ashamedly but admittedly it is my fault. I screwed up, I accept it and I’ll move on and buy another copy of RUST.

I understand getting heated at people coming on here and blatantly lying, I wasn’t intending to do that, I honestly thought something had happened either related to the hacker or glitch I experienced. Its obvious that is not the case and seeing how VAC works, can never be the case.
I like most others certainly have an internet footprint(more so than I knew apparently), some of it I’m not proud of, but I don’t intentionally hide or deny it either. Ill comment on what Ive seen mentioned here, but I would appreciate not continuing to post personal information. And thank you for having the main chunk of it removed.

Zero12091 Account: It got banned over 7 years ago, I don’t remember why but I don’t doubt It was something I did wrong.

I loved to mess with software, games, etc (used to mod game systems) as a kid and I still enjoy poking around software and games now, which obviously got me a VAC ban.
I was in a closed testing group for Mechwarrior Online which had most of my time spent poking around files to see what could be changed and modified client side.
I obviously need to be more careful in the future and make sure I don’t use or have modified files for any reason when playing on VAC servers.

** Aliases:**The NeuroToxin account simply isn’t me, I used the name N3roTxn on a Rust server during a raid to hide who I actually was. Googling “Kryptic Hack” brings nothing up on me, it was an alias I used on Rust for at most a week to current.

Trey on my friends List: I added him along with a few others on the server in order to try and get additional information to report him to the admin. He kept changing names so adding him let us confirm who it was, the guy was copying regular players names trying to get them banned by the admin.
He is now banned on the server, although that doesn’t matter much considering he is now also VAC banned. You guys read into that friend add waaay to much.

Threatening Kreyos with a Class action lawsuit: while the account was obviously hijacked, those posts related to Kreyos were me. That company made delivery excuses for almost a year despite stating numerous ship dates.
The campaign was for a finished product that only needed production money, After they refused to refund me and countless others after the 3rd or 4th major delay excuse I spoke with a lawyer and was prepared to start a class action against them.
Doing so got them to refund those who asked for it.

**Indie Development: ** I do support Indie Development, as such I have no problem buying another copy of Rust, I was banned for a mistake on my part and still love the game.
I am in game development myself, I run a team that develops mostly mobile games using Unity(same engine as Rust). We also do contract work on larger titles.

I have messed around with cheats and hacks on private servers/single player games in the past, But I’m generally against all forms of cheating when it comes to multiplayer games, indie or not.
It just ruins the experience, I don’t even enjoy hosting servers anymore because I feel having access to admin rights in most games seems to dilute the experience.

I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time. I made a mistake and I deserved the Vac Ban for it.
As an additional apology, here is the Paid Android version of my company’s first title release “Apocalypse Pluto Deluxe” for free to whomever would like to try it out.

Facepunch cant do anything about VAC, talk to valve. Vac bans based on if your software has been messed iwth not if you spazz out in the game and bug through a rock. you cheated or did something to your rust files.


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New story, same end.


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  1. Vac bans are delayed roughly anywhere from a week to a month so it’s not possible that this could have been the problem, you are not an exception.

  2. Vac has only ever had one or two major cases of false positives that have long been resolved, individual cases of false positives are simply people lying about their innocence.

This is not even how Vac works either, Vac works by identifying if your game files have been tampered with or if you’ve injected/hooked anything to the main .exe, none of these things can happen from anything happening in game, absolutely none.

I’m sorry but everything points to the likelihood that you have been using a cheat or hack to gain an unfair advantage over others. If you feel you have been wronged then by all means bring it to Valve and they will unban you on the extremely unlikely off chance that you have been victim to a false positive. We cannot do anything here, we do not own, control or monitor VAC in any way or form.


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Cheatpunch is not VAC, they are both different anti cheat measures. It is well documented how VAC works and it simply does not work that way.

Cheatpunch =/= VAC
Different Software, different Bans, you wont get VAC banned because Cheatpunch and you wont get Cheatpunch banned because VAC.


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lol yea dood…sorry to say this but your done unless you buy a new copy.
You seem intelligent enough but your persistence is meaningless here.
As it was already mentioned, VAC has only had one instance and cheatpunch is an entirely different entity.

Are you telling me you’ve played Rust 22 hours a day for a week since you bought it. Your story is really inconsistent. Let me say this again for you, “Vac works by identifying if your game files have been tampered with or if you’ve injected/hooked anything to the main .exe, none of these things can happen from anything happening in game, absolutely none.”


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Simple coincidence that the ban has appeared to be blatantly instant.

Again, I still have to stress the fact that you’ve been playing the game for a little over 22 hours a day, maybe even more if it’s been less than a week, I think you should take a slight break and go for some breeze out in the sun.

Recent Activity 146.7 Hours in the past 2 Weeks.
Rust: 179 Hours

Your story smells fishy mate. Get used to the VAC Ban.


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Only thing you can do man or again, get another account and pay 20$.
But remember this, VAC will and DOES get you in the end. No amount of time whether short or long…it always wins. Cheats are rampant on this game, this gets rid of them.
If you changed your files in the game for anything…you might as well get another 20 out, or give up
And your scrutinized because VAC is not wrong…and if you knew how many of these posts come on here daily,jeez its amazing.
You cheated man…now face up, you aren’t going to get anywhere here I guarantee it

The VAC detection is running on your client, not the server. It is looking for things modified in your game or external sources on interfering with your client. A hacker on the server can’t install and run a hack locally on your PC!

Time played is only recoreded if you are logged into a server, if you idle on a server (afk) you get kicked. So yeah you have been playing that amount of hours.

I got this number from your account page.