VAC banned but im not

Hey, in the normal rust version (non-experimental) I tried to connect to a server and it failed and then I see in the console “Facepunch_Connector_VAC_Banned”. I’m only VAC banned on some games but not Rust, and connecting to other servers works. What is this? The IP of the server I was connecting to is

You can’t be VAC banned on just one server. Take a screenshot of you in a different server with a time-stamp and post it here.

Random server:

The weird VAC ban server (there are a lot of people playing on it…)

Link your steam?

It’s running custom plugins, so it’s likely that someone’s figured out how to get a plugin to return the VAC banned message.

And this matters because, months ago, people began writing plugins that check if you have any VAC bans and block you from the server if you do, on the basis that you cheated before and Rust is easily hacked in right now.

I’m not offering my own opinion on these plugins, but they exist.

Since your last ban barely predates the first Rust VAC wave, it seems you may be telling the truth. What did you get VAC’d in? What two titles did you earn those with? I’m guessing TF2 is one of them, based on your first post.

TF2 because I had Cheat Engine opened and MW3. Why would I lie anyway. I also think that people shouldn’t be allowed to write such plugins because I had to pay to play this game and VAC bans from other games shouldn’t matter at all, and I’m actually not hacking on Rust because I’m enjoying it without hacks.

There is your answer. Cheaters get VAC banned. If you cheat in one game, that makes you a cheater. Therefore you should get banned. Problem solved.


This is my server. When you have VAC ban in any game you cant join the server.

Yea I agree with Elix on this one… Those bans are pretty old, it’s probably just a server plugin that’s forcing you to DC because you have VACs on your account.

EDIT: Ninja’d, and there you have it. It’s a plugin. Just go to another server. And might I recommend not cheating anymore?

what is learning from ones mistakes for $500

which is unbelievably dumb

The server owner decides who gets to play and who doesn’t. If you don’t like his policies, pick another server.

I sort of agree… On one hand these are pretty old bans so it doesn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal. On the other, it is caydee’s server so s/he can do whatever they’d like on it.

That’s an unfair generalization. I got VAC banned on my first steam account because I was young and stupid on CS:S. I was lucky the ban didn’t carry over to Garry’s Mod. Since then the closest things I’ve done to cheating were money glitches on GTA:O. VAC bans only affected me in two games yet it still got me to stop cheating.

Hey kid calm down.

213 days are not really long time!

500 days someones ban has to be ago to ignore them and let them join…
Just dont cheat than you have no problem.

It’s their server. They paid for it, they can set the rules. You don’t have the right to play on all Rust servers, that’s not what you paid for when you bought the game on Steam.

I run the auto VAC kicker on my server too…you’ve got a ban and can’t be trusted so GTFO of my house and go cheat else where…

I also run a vac ban kicker/checker on my server however when i see someone trying to join with a vac ban i normally check his steam profile. If i see its a “genuine” account that got vac banned long time ago i try speaking with the person and if i notice he is a nice guy i whitelist him.

*This is a game… its suposed to be fun,relaxed and enjoyable. Spending a few minutes talking to the person wont really kill you lol. I rather have a guy with a vac ban on my server that learned his lesson and its a nice guy than a douchebag with 300 games that think he’s the king of the server.

Also if you have active admins + a good pack of plugins your server is pretty much stress-free for both users and admins. Your only problem would be admin abuse.

I also ban every player with a vac ban. Too many times of getting burned by giving them a chance and i’ll catch them glitching or cheating. My playerbase enjoys the fact that we don’t allow them.

With the sheer magnitude of servers just pick another one mate.

That said if more owners start to use VAC autokicks then it may become an issue.

“I used to cheat but you can trust me now” doesn’t really inspire a lot of faith.

Peoples pasts are coming back to haunt them oOOOooOOOoooOoOOOO :pwn:

People don’t change much, especially with the Anonymity of the internet, I don’t see anything dumb about blocking people banned on other games.