VAC banned but im not

You don’t think it has a similar effect on MW2? If you encounter a hacker, even in a FPS with no real recourse for death, you still gain a negative opinion on the matter. The server owner is at loss due to his server “allowing” a hacker on it although he had nothing to do with it and now players choose a different server in an attempt to remove themselves from said hacker. And now the player chooses to switch to a different game because too many people are being killed by hackers, which creates more hackers due to the human ego of “fight fire with fire” which pretty much changes the game for the worse and creates a hacker in every lobby (Plenty of games show proof of this).

So dividing games based on the nature of the game in how hacks effect gameplay is just a debate that is at a loss. Any hacking in any game is similar, you waste your time (that’s of your real world life, not your in game one) and in the outcome you go one way or another with it.

I cheated at handball back in high school. Should I be banned for life from playing handball lol

If you told me that before we played a game of handball, I would think less of you and consider not playing you at all.

I wish VAC bans applied to all the games on the account, that would really make hackers think twice.

Its not cheating its hacking and theres many laws against hacking maybe not for targeting virtual goods inside a game you dont pay for, but its still making problems for people. Someone that would blow up my giant base with hacks would make me more mad if someone stole 10.00 off me.

VAC should induce strategically timed lags on hackers PC so they always get killed easily. Maybe hackers should wear a donkey hat on all the online games they have on Steam. There should be a 200gig file called vac.banned on their computer before they can play. Their character should only have half the health and half the stamina. All of these would balance the game out for people who were victims of overpowerful hackers.

Factually incorrect, and identifies you as someone who continues to normalize hacking.

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Yeah, and here’s the problem with that, mate:

What do you think someone who writes a sentence like that does when they stop enjoying it ‘without hacks’?

It’s true, if a game gets boring or too hard, chances that you get yourself some hacks are much bigger. Especially in Rust with weak anti-cheat, cheap hacks and unforgiving gameplay, the threshold is even lower.
If you’re not hacking in Rust <because> you’re enjoying it without hacks implies that as soon as you don’t enjoy it anymore you start hacking.
I’m not hacking in Rust because hacking on servers that don’t explicitly allow it and have no VAC is morally wrong and destroys not only the fun of all the players but also the server itself. If you hack when you’re not allowed to, you’re a morally broken piece of human waste and I think you’d be more helpful to society if you’d turn into a bar of soap.

At the end of the day, the penalty is that it costs you your account and you have to re-buy your games.

Make a new account and don’t cheat on it. Easy.

Here’s an interesting idea for VAC bans. What if those caught with cheats had to play for 70 hours (without cheats) over the next week to keep their steam account from locking for the next (insert time limit here) ?

It gives a small chance to pay for the offense, but if you fail, all of steam is on lock down.

Just an interesting thought i had while reading all this.

(And yes i realize a great many have jobs and cant pull 70 hours in 1 week. Thats the point. If you cant pay the price, it isnt worth it)

This is what happens when a mother drinks when having a kid, and then allows them to use their computer they forgot they had.

that doesn’t actually make any difference at all you know

you don’t forgive drunk driving just because it was in a city VS the country.

What a snappy insult! (now where’s that sarcasm emoticon)

Did you use a program to augment your throwing aim/run speed?

No, it’s cheating. The ones writing the cheats are hacking:

So you claim that you never ever cheated? You never ever moved a figure on a board game when nobody was looking to get a unfair advantage when you where a little child? Face it: Everybody cheated at some point.

I’ve never cheated.

skill hack

he paid for his Server he can do what ever he wants!!

now some people try to make anti cheat for they servers, but… that “anti cheat” is bullshit.
in anti cheat is some checks for speed hack…) and e.g. player, who move 25 m/sec will have ban) BUT… who wrote that?
who wrote add on? correctly - not a real programmer. there is no any iterators for check, how much times player moves with 25 m/s speed. in fact you can simply click “respawn” from 25 meters from your bed and got ban on that server.
say fuck that server and go find another one without shitty anti cheat.

I don’t know what crappy anti-cheat you’re referring to but this is certainly not how speed hack checks work. You can use more than 25m/sec by just jumping down a mountain. What you described is heuristical cheat detection, which can be kinda helpful but this is definitely not ban-worthy.
I use heuristics from my stats (eg. violation codes, crate contents, learned blueprints) to try to identify potential hackers and then watch them carefully but if there’s no guarantee, there’s no ban.

wat? there is no accelerating on the fall state, and you can determine that the check (XYZ, ok).
I saw this shit in plugins for oxide, that’s all.