VAC BANNED - everybodies check this post

  1. This game is alpha version , not original version. So, It had so many bugs, Right?
  2. VAC is covering Original Games (Ex: CS) . Today Rust is test processing. In the futrue will become beta or closed beta
    VAC banned us. We wont any reasons.
  3. Rust alpha version need players pay for test. Well , rust need tester to find bugs and report , right?
    Excause me, players find bugs and official active VAC and banned cheat player. I feel official lie us. Because
    we pay and knocked.
  4. Cheat software can be using in client. Its not player problems. Its rust software official problems. Because
    Rust cant to fixed it, we always see bugs news in web. but we wish see fixed bugs news in web.
  5. Today , If officail can fastest to fixed any bugs. I will like to pay more than money for this game.If official
    can do it. Player will hard to buy any cheat software.

I wish Rust can keep forward to fix bug , and go to next step for beta test and closed beta. When this game is
Original version. Official starting VAC. That is right way to do this work.

I’m going to read an early american literature to regain the IQ lost from reading this post

What the hell did I just red?

I concur.

It was more blue.

Nope, get banned, pay for more. That’s the way they want.

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I kinda understand this guy. I mean it may lead into potential reversal on a couple of the bans. I mean realistically these hackers, script kiddies, etc whatever you want to call them are in fact finding the bugs, exploits and game breaking issues in an ALPHA. I am not sure if they will have a legal basis to pursue it beyond this point. This is what concerned me when the VAC bans started happening.

Lol I’m just gonna leave this here.

“B–but that was for minecraft!”

And don’t say it isn’t yours. That name is FAR too unique.

…Sigh… If only people could just at least make complete sentences. Use bulletin form if you have too, just please make the sentence complete, NOOOOO CLUE what your complaining about.

“That’s not my name! I swear! It’s a common name!”

Also there’s another account for a cheating site, but I won’t post it, one is enough.

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“That isn’t mine, I got banned because of a computer virus!”

You got banned? Is that what this post is about? Sorry to hear that for you. It must be a terrible mistake, I’m sure. You should send a message to steam about it and tell them how wrong they are. Yeah! I think you should sue steam for making you pay for the game and then not letting you play! That’s what you should do! DO IT! For the love of (insert deity of choice,) You must champion this cause for all the poor unjustly banned players, NO - VICTIMS, of VAC! It is your destiny!

He’s complaining about the fact that the game is in Alpha and therefore shouldn’t be using VAC. He also believes that the ability to use hacks is Facepunch’s problem, not the players, so if a hack works and you use it, why should you be banned?

In other words, he doesn’t want to take responsibility for his actions and believes he doesn’t deserve to be banned.

Funnily enough his logic is decent in some way. How do holes get fixed if you don’t expose them? Thing is he’s not the hack developer, he’s just using a hack someone else developed to grief.

But it is quite the contrary. It is good VAC is up, it culls all the cheaters away before final release, it’s the best decision they have made with the game. Plus you get entertained by their stupidity when I or one of the other junior detectives looks him up.

“I left my sister on my computer for 1 minute and she got me banned”

good to see another cheating turd has been banned

job well done, detective!

Surprised at ubuntu though, expected at the least a Backtrack-like distro for forensic work :smiley:

So elegantly put. Not only do I agree, but I think you deserve a comment of my admiration. I admire your well spoken description of the VAC ban complainer situations. It is very enjoyable watching these people squirm, in my opinion.