VAC banned for no reason and I am FREAKING THE FUCK OUT

Hello my steam name ingame is Squidward and I am freaking out. First off let me say I have never hacked in my life in any game for that matter. I logged into rust this mornign and when i tried to join any server it said i was VAC banned and now I am freaking out like crazy. I think i know the reason. I broke these guys shacks and took their stuff and then put up another shack so it looked like nothing happened just to mess with them. One of them was online and i killed him while he was afk. They said they were all reporting me on my profile and I didnt think since I wasnt hacking I wouldnt get banned but i think they did it please help me I really like rust and I do not want to buy it again because I didnt hack in the first place please help me aget unbanned. TY SO MUCH

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) has nothing to do with Facepunch besides being in the game, so I’d advise you to post a Steam support ticket about the issue.

Please view this:

their reports did nothing

don’t use hacks next time!!

Oh boy… Okay. Go to Steam Support and please GTFO. Didn’t even read your message, only the title.

I can help you and solve your problems and get you unbanned.
Just give me the link to your steam account :slight_smile:

Some guy used this excuse already this week. I have yet to hear a Brother story this week, you may want to try that route.

Ever since I started lurking the Rust forums I’ve been noticing a lot threads like this popping up. Did these people just get Steam for the first time ever when buying Rust? Just don’t cheat. Simple as that.

Not to mention, everyone whose been VAC banned magically was wrongfully banned.

VAC doesn’t ban if you don’t cheat/modify your game files. Simple as that.

A good long while ago the people who made the first “hacks” for the Steam version of Rust claimed that they were “undetectable”. Their instructions if you were to somehow get banned was come here, claim it was a false positive and you’d get unbanned. Obviously this was untrue, but apparently did wonders to keep people from complaining how it wasn’t “undetectable”.

Nowadays it appears to be mostly people who think VAC works like getting banned in an MMORPG. Play stupid/innocent/claim your computer is possessed, since “there is no possible way they can tell if you are lying” they’d have to unban you. Even though its not the case, what with how not a single Rust VAC ban has been overturned.

A minority are people who know they did wrong and just try this tactic as a one shot desperation move. Naturally it doesn’t work.

A REAL honey badger wouldn’t give a fuck.

This video explains why you got VAC Banned

We can’t unban you, you are wasting your time here. Take it up with who ever banned you (VAC, Cheatpunch etc)

Now this just makes me wonder that if I get randomly banned everyone will accuse me of hacks, something im afraid of :S

It’s not exactly difficult to not get banned. I don’t think it’s really something that can be done by mistake.

Worst that can happen via hackusations/people crying “hacker” when you seriously aren’t is you get banned from a particular server, possible several because of word of mouth. Only way your Rust account is actually in jeopardy is if you are actually doing something to warrant VAC/Cheatpunch/EAC in the future to trigger. Again, your Steam account cannot be flagged because some people decide you are better than them and they try to smear your name by accusing you of being a “hacker”.