VAC Banned for what??

I played Rust when i first bought it and played for a few hours, i found a glitch that levitates you by the mountains and i kept dying because i would just fall and i couldnt climb the mountains by the ocean successfully. Im not sure if that counts as a hack or anything but i got banned 40 days ago and i found out now. is there a way to fix this? or am i just permanently banned? I mean would it be my fault since it was a glitch?

This is not the place for appealing VAC bans.
I don’t even think you can.

Facepunch can’t lift your ban. VAC bans are permanent, and don’t use the “glitch” excuse. VAC bans you if the game’s memory is being edited by an external program, such as a hack. The only way you can play again is make a new account and buy rust again.