VAC banned from Garrys Mod?

Hey guys, i got VAC banned from gmod. Dont know what the fuck really happened. I learned it when i was trying to play with a friend. I didnt recently play in this week, except today. So is there a way to get unbanned or does anyone know why the fuck i got banned?

AFAIK the only way to get VAC’d from GMod is BaconBot and gmcl_deco.

I’m a builder, why would i need stuff like that? Damnit.

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That’s Why.

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To be fair, they have far to much confidence in VAC. It is, quite simply Bull Shit.

 I think If I took a few days or weeks I could script a fairly large hack that could be left undetected. ALSO Lua Hacks won't have triggered it as they are treated as scripts. It would be like being banned for having a script in your /autorun/client directory that spammed the words "Frog Anal Birthday Day!!!" from your user on 1/01/12 (DD/MM/YY) and getting VAC Banned for it.

Anyway, I’ve never seen false ban, only where a ‘brother’ did it…

(Got Hacked? Got VAC Banned? Tough Shit.)

Don’t use baconbot then.

Oh man, I’ll miss seeing you build engines online. :smith:. Do you have Steam guard enabled? Just wondering because if you don’t, someone could have got your password and logged in / hacked on GMod on another machine.

Have you played Cry Of Fear?
If so, there’s your answer.

Yes i did. I also dont get these guys telling me that i used that shit. No point. Probably gonna get other acc for garrys mod. :confused:

Also no, i only play on build servers, but mostly singleplayer.

You can try to dispute it by contacting steam support if it is truly an accident. No promises since it states that all VAC bans are final.

Cry of Fear is a Half Life mode and uses a COMPLETELY different engine

Send a message to Valve and ask why did you get VAC-d. They should answer.

Didn’t VAC accidentally ban like 25,000 MW2 players or some shit and they got a free copy of a game for the inconvenience, along with an unban?

Yeah, but this is a singular case.

And I could guess that they get appeals for bans all the time, most of them being bullshit.

It couldn’t hurt to shoot an email to valve, they should be nice enough just to tell you how it happened.

Good luck.

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