vac banned ? what for ?

Hey today i just tried playing rust after fixing my xbox and its says vac banned ?, i really dont understand why i have not cheated i only bought the game last week and think its highly unjustified to ban me for something i havnt done, im not going to lie i did have an hack but not to my own doing i was in a modded game browsing through a couple too see if any are any good and well this hacker int3ns3_sl4v3 was spawning cars an everything, didnt even know that was possible but he somehow passed on access to the whole game, everyone in the game suddenly had access hacks #, could this be the reason due to my vac ban? is so i think its highly unfair that you banned me for this, even though i was not behind the hack, i hadnt even had the game a week yet im not going to hack, please resolve this issue for me, im a good player all i have done since i played is offer help to new players, and i have a dozen people who can back me up on that if needed, please read this and unban me asap!!!

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater, horrendous liar." - postal))