vac banned

Hello I would like to have s why I have received a ban.
I remember my last work was undergoing instant kill after having bad respawn several times I made ​​the drive to my camp I kill a player on the road boom punch vac banned. So I want to understand

So what kind of cheats did you use?

I’m happy you no longer are able to play this game, enjoy the ban.

But conveniently you can’t remember the part where you cheated. Oh well, guess you’ll get unbannhahahaha yeah right.

This is all anecdotal, but why are there so many foreign hackers? Or at least, why do they make threads about being banned? 100% of the “I’ve been banned! WHY ME!!??” threads on these forums (that I’ve seen) have been from people whose native language clearly is not English.

Understand this… cheat = ban

U cheat = U banned

Do us honest players a favor and don’t play rust anymore please.

Either you been blind or not you know I read n is used so no cheating cheating Stop saying what you have used.
Desoler but the game is open to all the world.
So we still not replied to my post corrctement
Is the kind of person you would not cheat the move this post because I have etaiat banned for nothing

I have no idea what you wrote here, but indisputably it says “I swear I wasn’t cheating” and nobody’s buying it. You cheated, guy. You got banned. Case closed.

To be honest I’m inclined to agree with the majority. The odds are statistically in favour of the fact that you have used some form of cheat system on your pc.

However, if you wish to contest the issue, the forums here are not the place to do so. Facepunch have nothing to do with the VAC system, and you will need to contact Steam directly in order to request that they review your case.

If you’re using a translator, at least spell the words correctly in your own language first. Translators can’t work with typos.

Can you link us to your steam account?

Glitches or exploiting bugs in game will not get you banned by VAC.

Modifying game files or using external programs which directly effect rust will.

I would cheat I would not come to ask why my banned.
Why do you think I linked to my steam account

So where did you link it?

You know what’s weird is there’s a lot of people who don’t cheat and aren’t banned, yet a lot of people who do cheat are banned. Funny how that works!

You play with fire, you’re gonna get burned…

Link us your profile. Uber and I will pass judgement.

Not many people get ban even if it’s not cheating.
Steam info for my nickname is the same that I use here.
Anyway I pence I lose my temperature because you did not want to understand anything

This is the 2nd “why am i banned” thread where you are fishing for the cheats someone used.

Please stop fishing for cheats that work… by eliminating the ones that get you banned so you know which ones to try safely.

Hope you get banned from the forum for this type of behavior. My advice stop asking what cheats they use.

You got shit in your ears? I said POST YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT! A google search doesn’t turn up diddly dick.