VAC Banned?

So i just signed in on steam to find ive been vac banned? although

a) i dont use cheats i find them pathetic

b) ive not been near my pc in 4 days?

First seen as banned (CET) 2014-01-28
Last time checked (CET) 2014-01-28 19:52:11

Launching rust gets me banned EPIC!

is there any way to get unbanned?

Yes there is! Do not cheat!

i would have accepted the ban IF i did cheat.

The fact is i never else i wouldn’t be posting.

why does no one automatically read from the source?

  1. Not the place to request an unban

  2. No, TPing and bugging won’t get you banned.

  3. It works by seeing if the code of the game is modified by something like, for example, cheat engine.

  4. It’s permanent.

How very convincing.

Take it up with Valve (hint: we know, they know, you did cheat.)

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“Last Activity: 1 day ago”

Dumb ass cheater :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying with a legit answer, although i didn’t cheat i’ll talk to valve

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Can this be locked or removed?

yes I’m “Sure” you “Didn’t cheat”

What are you here for?:

Called minecraft hacks sir.

Dammit, I had to take the time for a screenshot ;_; I woulda beat you if I just linked instead. Nice work though~

Last I checked there were plenty of minecraft hacks available outside of MPGH. Besides, your word vs. coincidence? Yeah, not likely anyone will side with you.

This is the part where you stop posting and hang your head in shame, you pathetic waste of a man. Now you are a cheater AND a liar.

Why even hack in minecraft?

you can easily get everything with chat commands and mods lol

OP you should leave while you have the chance.

Why would you lie to us?

Last Activity: 1 Minute Ago :v:

Minecraft “hacks” are actually client-side fly mods, x-ray, superspeed… Honestly I can’t think of any other.

Screenshot is still worthy.


Now gtfo. God damn kids.

-snip, already posted-

-snip for a snip :v:-

Hahahaha, these threads are always the most entertaining. Keep up the good work guys!