VAC Banned?

I love these threads. Thanks for the lols, enjoy the ban.

hi guys! i have the same VAC ban problem, an admin teleported me for problem with doors, maybe i that the motive? my nick in game is kalu666 :frowning:
i have cheat engine installed, but i use it with candy crush LOL. how can i contact valve for that? thx

please be joking

teleporting isn’t going to get you banned for god sake

at least hes str8^ with it

They won’t ban you just for having CE installed

It will, however, ban if you are using CE to inject code into rust.

nope i not injected anything into rust :frowning:
but maybe sometimes the program was opened when i was playing rust

Yeah… cause you gotta cheat at CandyCrush while your playing Rust.

Right? Totally believe you.

As I read VAC does not ban you instantly but day’s or weeks later just because cheaters should not know which cheat was scanned. So you could be cheatflagged some time ago but it was activated now. And this is the point where I feel my spitefulness. :quagmire:

In defense of this particular screenshot, I have a lot of achievements that look this way. I’m not sure why though.

Its been said numerous times, but have another: Facepunch has ZERO authority with regards to VAC bans. If it seriously was a freak incident of a VAC False Positive, you have to take it up with Valve. The person who said to dispute it on Facepunch moreso said so so people wouldn’t bombard it with how its “undetectable” cheats were in fact detected and banned for after a delay period. Next time you let your Capybara play something on your Steam account(assuming you play the “it wasn’t me using the hacks” card) make sure they aren’t using hacks. And all that other stuff too.

if you get ach’s when youre offline it can do that, but since tf2 is an online game he cheated them in

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i played candy and angry birds with speedcheat, i forgot CheatEngine open and played rust… now i contacted steam about that.

its not right, rust is a game still in alpha! maybe do a warning message that something is wrong before ban?

I’ve used CE for years

unless you inject it into the game you won’t be banned lol

I’ve also had cheat engine on my PC, still do, and as you’ll see I only have one VAC ban, a long time ago, on MW2.

Silly outsider, but we can’t believe you even if we wanted to.

And a warning? Nah, you don’t need to be warned when you can see your own cheat anyway.

i dont want a warn if im using cheats! i want a warn if something is not good! in my case i dont use any cheat! ABSOLUTELY!

Well there already is a pretty advanced warning system in place.
“Warning This server is protected by Valve Anti Cheat. If you cheat you will be banned from all servers permanently”.