Vac Banned

Well he got banned for cheating, so that’s an indication that some cheating was occuring on that account. After that it’s a matter of either he’s lying and was cheating on his own account, or he’s telling the truth and someone else got onto his account and started cheating. Either way FP isn’t going to reverse a VAC ban, so posting here won’t help him.

ultimately, thats what boggles.

why the fudge would facepunch care? they don’t control VAC.

this is so clearly not the board for VAC un-bans or whatever.

also, just stop cheating.

Despite the fact that the OP didn’t ask for it to be overturned or anything of the sort, I have a feeling I know how this is gonna turn out…

Only thing you can do is contact Valve with regards to your VAC ban. The game is made by Facepunch Studios, yes but they have no authority over Valve Anti Cheat(VAC). Also, on the off chance your account really did get compromised, you might want to enable SteamGuard, unless the E-Mail account tied to your Steam account has some stupidly easily to guess password.

May you post a link to your steam account?

Well, either he was cheating or didn’t secure his account. Both is stupid and he has to learn from it. If somebody other really has overtaken his account (unlikely as the one overtaking didn’t change the password) here some tipps:

  • Use hard passwords (upper and lowercase characters, numbers and special characters, the longer the better (at least 8 characters)).
  • Don’t use the same password for your steam account and your e-mail account.
  • Don’t disable Steam Guard.
  • Don’t let your browser or Steam (or anything other) save your password.
  • Don’t tell your password to everyone.
  • Use a secure OS or antivirus programs (no, windows is not a secure OS!).

This lession costs you $20 - you already payd them.

I’d love to believe that everyone’s account got hacked while they totally didn’t even have access to their computer…if not for the fact that time and time again the people who proclaim this tale of woe have been proven beyond a doubt that they were in fact dirty, lying haxxors.

In fact, just yesterday there was a guy claiming he was VAC banned and hadn’t even been on his computer for 4 days! Let’s recap how that went down:

And that’s why people tend not to believe people who say they were “on vacation” or haven’t “used [my] computer in X days!”

How can i get more creative when it wasnt my fault?
And because i get banend doesnt mean i cheated there is alot of people out there so So blame it on me
And i actually did go on a holiday my Sister just passed away so dont be a fucking dick about everything and Just think im lieing some times people out there do shit that wasnt them so dont fucking blame me you stupid retards

Can you at least tell us your steam account name so we ~internet detectives~ can ~track down the culprit~?

Im Not vac Banned from any of my other Games
So why would i cheat on this one

“Another” guy from Australia… Interesting… :wink:

Which is funny because there’s an mpgh account with the same name.

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Australia too. You may not have used it on Rust but you have hacked before on other games.

Also, here’s a link to your profile

I Have an mpgh account
Its name is Call911Now

I have many games too but it doesnt prove that I cheat (I only cheat on non-steam games like Emulators)

Which is funny because I can’t find it for the life of me. Also nice job admitting to hacks.

Emulators Soz but yeah i cheat on pokemon Training is hard

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Mpgh Has Skins I use Skins Not hacks

when is pressing UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT and spamming A hard?
why would u make a MPGH account for skins and pokemon hacks?
Make your own skin its better.

I Use Skins on games i play Just becasue some looks are stupid, I was implying i use cheats on Pokemon
as a joke

It just looks like you trying to make your mind clean of something ‘bad’ you did.

Anyway, VAC bans hardly are false positive, the rare ones Valve admitted they did something about it. Also, I don’t remember seeing any recent false positive confirmed by Valve, so it’s still hard to believe in you.


Considering you were hacked, it’s weird for me that the hacker didn’t change your account’s password. But again, as someone already said, it’s your fault if your computer, account or email was insecure. Valve’s got nothing to do with this.

Doesnt matter if you used hacks, if your dog was playing on your account and got banned. Facepunch has ZERO control of vac bans and they cant do anything to help or answer any of your questions. You will have to go directly to valve support.

Okay well since you were not a dick nob about it im just gonna have to take the fact that Valva fucked up :frowning: And i guess il find a new game