VAC Banned?

So hey Guys/Girls. I’ve been only playing for a month and I’m VAC banned it says. I don’t know what happened. It’s freaking me out. I’ve already sent a ticket to Facepunch. But yes I need additional help on how I can come back to play Rust again. Cheating was never a factor for me. But Yes I need help.

Please can I have some positive comments and not bad or violent comments. Please help me as soon as possible.

Is this your Steam account?

Talk to Steam. Facepunch can’t lift a VAC ban. If you’re lucky enough to have been found not cheating, which you very likely won’t be…because all odds are that you did, they’ll unban you.

Never a factor? Took me two minutes to find your MPGH account.

it must be false, vac has gone crazy these days, bans randomly legit players!!!

Yes it is :wink:

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I hope you know how I am feeling right now.

Well, for a start there’s an abandoned 2008 account on MPGH named “Mazta”. But I’m not interested in that.

What I am interested in is the previous alias on the profile named “peekaboo”, which is funny because I found this:

As well as a TM Cheats account names Jaysin

Looks like a hackers account if I ever saw one. One paid game and a couple F2P. Looks like you made an account specifically for hacking Rust.

I’m having the same problem. I’m an admin on my buddies Rust server and now its saying I’ve been VAC banned. I’ve contacted steam and I haven’t gotten anything back. What should I do? Just wait?

VAC is never wrong you cheated sorry.

yeah totally, vac is broken you know. i will revoke your ban
just post your personal data in this thread and we will care about you.

do people actually come to this forum expecting not to get harrased/called a hacker when they state they were banned.

Op, heres the thing. cheating WAS a factor. thats why you are banned. So please, shut up with this im innocent shit. this is like the 900th “im banned!” post, and who woulda guessed, they all were cheaters. your no different

You buy another copy of rust, this time dont inject that cheat, and your all good to go.

Is this your account?

The previous alias “I Hack, So What?” gives it away.

But how did i cheat? It says i haven’t played rust in 10 days (when i got VAC banned) and it said i got VAC banned 8 days ago
It just doesn’t add up

VAC waits before banning.

In my defense I was screwing around with a bunch of kids with Admin Abuse
That’s not cheating

No you should make another steam account and re-buy rust. Or better GTFO and never return.

do yourself a favor and look up how VAC works… your logic of “i wasnt on” doesnt work. it bans in waves.

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The vac ban on your account states otherwise