VAC Banned...

This morning I come to my computer start up Rust and an error comes up and says ‘facepunch_connector_vac_banned’ when i click a server… Ive researched on other threads from other forums and it seems like the only thing I can do is buy Rust again. Its a 1 out of 100 chance (99% chance im banned for hacks which I have non of) that I gotten fake banned. (i dont know how you call it) I am wondering if there is any other way to get rust back besides buying it again or if it was a fake ban… (look me up on steam for proof of vac ban: TheDawnKiller)

Your profile says you’ve been Vac banned as of 0 days ago. The chances of getting a false positive vac ban is nearly impossible. You have a better chance of winning some money from the lottery than you do getting vac banned from a false positive.

You either cheated and don’t want to admit it, or you edited a game file without realizing the consequences. Steam/Valve won’t help you with that.

so that means ill have to make a new account ans buy it again? -_-

Yes, that is correct.

If you actually think that, you clearly haven’t learned a lesson and will hack and be banned again… but by all means keep handing over your money.

ok thanks, but what if i traded my a free game on the alt for rust on my main, wouldnt i be able to play rust on my alt?

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i hate it when someone gets banned everyone immediately thinks theyve hacked…

It’s a big sign when you’re part of a accusation list as well

have you ever thought of lag? because zombie kept raging and acusing me for the hacks when it was lag or rage the others on his list idk about

I’m pretty sure if a program that detects manual injections banned you and you happened to be on part of a accusation list, it pretty much suits a nice title of “Cheater” for you, having lag would only rubber band or completely stop you, and does not levitate you into the air.

I’m pretty sure no one is stupid enough to think lag is a fly hack, because if you’re floating way above the ground; it’s too easy to accuse you really.

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It’s a big sign when you’re part of a accusation list as well

DawnKiller- Kids like you are laughable. Caught cheating? Oh wait, this is America… just spend more money and deny that anything ever happened. This is a perfect example of how our up-and-coming generations take no responsibility for their actions… like they should be coddled at every turn. MAN UP, and realize that what you did was WRONG, you were CAUGHT, you have been BANNED, and now hopefully you LEARN that cheating in a situation like this is not worth it.

Well, I actually checked Cheatpunch to see if you’re banned but it doesn’t seem you are. Guess I can’t be smug and point out something to raise my self esteem :C. Regardless, like mentioned before chances are that you cheated, though I have no sympathy for hackers its a shame you lost the opportunity to play.

haha noob

yeah , mainly becuase you did. loser.

Dude VAC nearly NEVER has fals positives

You hacked, you silly sod

OORRRRR just wait for a crack and not pay anything.

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Lol even if you didn’t cheat, it looks like you have an extensive history of greifing, according to a google search of your name, your name came up about six times in different games where you are either banned or being complained about for greifing. Even if you weren’t cheating, you are a horrible player anyways.

It used to be nearly impossible.
Since 2013 VAC has begun doing risky stuff.

Like sniffing out the sites you visited.

Find a reference claiming that other than a cheat site that has every reason to make VAC look bad, or stop repeating that bullshit.

Behold. A VAC Module that gets inserted randomly on peoples pc’s to leech out your history.

FASTEDIT: this is what VAC uploads to their server.