VAC Banned ?

Hello. In the morning I played like 2 hours ~ of RUST and then I quit. After playing some Dota 2 and CS:GO I get back to RUST at 4:30 PM (UTC +2) to play and when I try to connect to my server it says this :

Disconnected (Facepunch_Connector_VAC_Banned)

Okay, I want to ask why ?

I am the owner of Romania Rust ( and I only played on my own server : where I HAVE ADMIN, THERE’S NO REASON FOR ME TO PLAY WITH HACKS ON MY ON SERVER WHERE I HAVE ADMIN.

Please tell me why I’ve got banned, I never used hacks and I`m not willing to.

Thanks in advance :).

You got banned because you cheated, obviously. Post your steam profile.

I havn’t cheated. I have no reason to as I said, I have fucking admin, why would I cheat?

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As I can see my friend was VAC-Banned too :

And we logged off at the same place / time.

Might that be a reason, so VAC bugged?

  1. wrong place to complain about a VAC ban, that is controlled by Steam and only Steam
  2. you cheated. period.

Damn it guys. Why would I cheat, I ask again and again, I FUCKING OWN THAT SERVER, WHY WOULD I NEED CHEATS X(.

Wow, no need to get angry.

Maybe you cheated on another game?

You tell us, what else could have possibly set it off?

someone please link the video

You can plead with us and try and convince us that you didn’t cheat all you want. None of us have access to the “unban” button. Facepunch has no control over VAC bans. You would need to get in contact with Steam Support if you wish to dispute this. Odds are you aren’t going to get unbanned unless it was some kind of actual mass false positive. They WILL NOT disclose the exact thing that triggered VAC.

Well, the only other games I play on are Dota 2 and CS:GO, no cheats for them. So no, I didn’t cheated on them.

Dunno, maybe it bugged that my friend and I left sleeper in the same spot ? He got VAC Banned too. Maybe someone destroyed the thing under us and bugged somehow, I don’t understand :(. I`m so sad, I just bought it 2 days ago ~ and I worked for those money, now it’s useless and UNFAIR.

You already know why you got banned, why are you asking us? You cheated. Being an admin is an original excuse, I’ll give you that. But you still cheated. Perhaps you used cheats for playing on another server where you aren’t admin, or you cheated before you bought a server, or simply the fact that being an admin doesn’t make your aim any better so you wanted to cheat.

For whatever reason you felt it was a good idea to cheat, and got banhammered.

Out of curiosity, did you use a Map Overlay or something to make night brighter that didn’t involve the settings on your monitor/graphics card? I believe VAC bans for those as well. Its a common misconception that “Hacks” are only things like god mode, aimbots and the like as those are use maliciously, when actually anything that gives an advantage is seen as such, and having an in game map overlay when everyone else has to learn the terrain or use is pretty much cheating, to give an example.

Yeah, I don’t know why I started this thread. You will say I cheated even if prove you not.

I didn’t use any overlay or settings, only default video card settings and stuff.

My friend got Vac banned to, I don’t understand why.

There are plenty hackers who dont get VAC Banned and me, who did nothing got banned, such STUPID.

VAC has almost NO false-positives, you can go and complain to Valve, Facepunch can’t assist you here.
If you really know you didn’t cheat, try your luck with Steam Support.

Also, if VAC is so stupid, go develop an Anti-Cheat with 0.001% false positives yourself.

It doesn’t matter if we believe you, Facepunch has ZERO influence on VAC bans. A few posts up I mentioned that you’d have to contact Valve about this as they are the only ones with any pull on Valve Anti Cheat.

Congratulations, you were smarter than 95% of cheaters out there and used a different name on the cheat sites than you do for everything else. You deserve SOME applause for that.

That being said, you still cheated…you lose. Try again!

Already sent them mail before asking here.

I posted here for some opinions and help.

our opinions are as follows:
You cheated
Our help is as follows:
Talk to valve, they control VAC.
Create another steam account and re-buy Rust, that is the penalty for cheating.

Are you sure you did not modify the game files in some ways?