Vac Banned?

This morning 6/11/2014 I logged in to play rust with my friends, and all of a sudden when I try to join their server it says that I am VAC banned. I tried connecting to multiple servers but yet they all give me the same result. How is it possible that the day after the other i just cant log on? I have no history of hacking on any kind of game or server and I wish this problem to be resolved.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

There is really nothing to be done about this if you are VAC Banned.

Either you or someone who had access to your account used hacks in Rust within a ~2 week period. You can try contacting Steam Support, who are the only ones that can overturn bans, but they’ll likely tell you that it can’t be overturned.

Thank you charades

You cheated
You got caught
You got banned
Simple really

You’d think a VAC enabled game forum would add some kind of new post filter that checks if you have the words “vac banned” and gives you a giant popup that just redirects to nope.avi.

yeah but then literally anyone who posts anything about that even if they are talking about vac banned users won’t be able to make threads

that or they will say “Ban(ed) from vac” “VAC B&”

solves 0 issues and creates more.