Vac Banning system (Question about reporting others)

When I report someone, does it mean VAC system will pay more attention to him? Or if many different people reported the same guy will he get banned, if he used hacks of course…

This guy has been using aimbot and other hacks since I started playing, and me and my friends reported him but nothing happened…

EDIT: if the reports never effect VAC bans what do they do?

No point reporting. he will get banned on a ban wave.

steam reports do nothing to vac

they don’t accept reports, nor does cheatpunch

No, VAC does not accept submissions from users.

Ok, what do the reports do then?

“scamming” reports will add “this user has been reported by members of the steam community for shady trading practices” to their trades, pornographic avatar reports will get a mod on their case immediately and can lead to a pretty fast ban, phishing reports will get them investigated but hacking/cheating reports get used as “further evidence” after they are vac banned.

Thanks for making that clear!
I guess I’ll stop reporting people… Too bad there are no admins on official servers

As has already been mentioned, Steam keeps logs of reports against players but they will never use them to ban. They may use them as additional evidence after they’ve been banned by VAC but they don’t need it. Once they’ve been banned by VAC that’s the evidence itself.

Reports are used for statistical analysis and probably as indicators for priority.

Consider yourself sitting at your desk on your first day on the VAC team. There are two Steam profiles in your inbox to handle. You have to review and analyze the reports VAC has been sending about these two and the suspected cheats that it’s been detecting and reporting back to Valve. Note that I said VAC reports and not cheater reports.

Without knowing anything at all about these two players or even what games VAC detected them doing weird things in, which do you think is probably going to be the easier case to solve?

The guy with 3 suspicious VAC detections, or

The guy with 3 suspicious VAC detections and 27 community reports of cheating with “aimbot” and “wallhack” in every report?

Both may be cheaters, but one has made a much bigger stink of things while doing it.

But as you can see, the process starts with VAC already holding up weird pieces of code going “What the fuck is this, is this a hack? Are you cheating? I’m telling Gabe!”

I got VAC banned from rust, for no reason, I would like to know why, I didnt know where to post this but this thread included VAC Banned so I asked here

What is your 64-bit steamid?

I really don’t know what your asking but my SteamID would be

Edit : STEAM_0:0:4599349

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For some reason when I connect to a rust server, it kicked me back to main menu and said “Facepunch_Error_VAC_banned” or something like that

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For some reason when I connect to a rust server, it kicked me back to main menu and said “Facepunch_Error_VAC_banned” or something like that

I see you racked up a recent server ban for aimbotting in CS:S. That’s not a good start when contesting a VAC ban.

Anyway, short answer is, nobody on this forum can do anything to help. VAC is handled 100% by Valve (which is why it’s called Valve Anti-Cheat). The only thing you can do is file a Steam Support ticket and contest your ban.

They will not tell you what was detected or when it was detected, as they do not disclose this information. However, by doing that, you’ll have a human look over the dirt VAC has on you and confirm whether or not it was a valid ban.

Jesus that’s a lot of games you just lost. GJ

All the other games still work just fine; the VAC ban only applies to Rust. However, that account now has the red badge of shame. RIP