VAC Bans?

Why does this game allow people with prior VAC bans to play?
If they’ve already been VAC banned for something else, but you’re saying they’re going to be VAC banned for cheating here, then why not disallow VAC banned players from playing?

I’m sick of getting aimbotted by previously VAC banned players that this game doesn’t prevent from playing here.

I have also noticed people with VAC bans playing and they’re still hacking…lol some people never learn.

Some people have been falsely banned in the past (one of my friends got banned because some dudes reported his profile for hacking when he was noclipping as owner of his server,) and it wasn’t in Rust, so why would it be fair for him to not be able to play for something that wasn’t his fault in the first place?

Because it’s full proof right? not like someone will buy RUST on a new account that isn’t VAC banned? you are going to play with people that have been VAC banned before, If I was a dev i would rather know who to keep my eye on than lots of hackers with fresh accounts + i don’t see why people can’t have a fresh start

the devs get money from them anyway lol

That’s not how VAC works at all. Your friend was VAC banned for cheating. You can’t ‘report’ anyone to Valve, VAC, CIA, etc and get them a VAC ban.

Your friend lied to you.

VAC detects a cheat on the system. Records the violation, then anytime from 1 second to 3 or 4 months it will ban them.

Valve’s policy has always been to punish players for cheating in the game they cheated in. It was a hot button issue when Steam started to get more and more games on the platform.

Imagine you play Counter-Strike and you eventually get bored and end up cheating in it. Lets also say you have paid $250-300 for other games on your steam account. If you get banned on CS:S due to a VAC violation how is that fair for the customer that they can now not play ANY of the games they bought. Each game has separate communities and there is no need to punish them globally for one mistake. They already can’t play one game. If they screw up on another game, then they get banned from that as well.

I was there when he was doing it, but alright. Guess he wasn’t telling me the full story. Things still stand though, that VAC is not perfect, and has been the culprit of a few false positives in its history, some of which were never reversed.

OP has a point…

The noclipping was not what got him banned.

He was probably using a cheat, weeks earlier that got detected by VAC. It just so happens that the VAC ban wave kicked off while he was playing in noclip on the server he was an admin of. I can understand how it looks like he was banned for that, and probably some punk kid saying “I’M REPORTING YOU TO GABEN, MY DAD WORKS FOR STEAM” or some nonsense. Then, all of a sudden his VAC ban wave goes across the board and he gets booted. Coincidence can do funny things.

If you have a VAC ban on your account, you’re prone to cheating.
You should not play games with me.

Almost all the cheaters I’ve encountered had VAC bans on their accounts for other things. The devs should ban anyone with any kind of VAC ban from playing.

And your friend lied Johny. The only way to get VAC banned is for steam to detect the signature of a cheating program and then ban you with a VAC ban wave. If your friend has a VAC ban, he was most certainly cheating.

Alright then, I will just assume you have more knowledge of VAC than me (my knowledge being zero, not hard to beat.) Therefore, I will take your word for it. Shame, he really seemed upset too, like he was wrongfully accused.

What if someone was using you account to play a game and they got vac banned? Like if you have friends over your house. You can not always confirm who did it and that it was not a false positive.

If I accidentally got a VAC ban I’d understand I now need a new account. You’re not actually supposed to share steam accounts, if you tell them you were account sharing they might steam ban you. The reason is because they want each individual person to buy their own games. So if your friend was using your account, you guys were technically cheating in another way.

your account, your responsibility

I understand where you are coming from but that’s not always the case

you don’t have to cheat to get a ban, there are a such thing as false positives + password security back in the day isn’t like it was

what about people who haven’t had a ban in over 300 days? They’re obviously not cheaters at that point. If they were they’d have had under 200-300

you don’t need to share an account purposely for another to use it

you don’t seen to have understood previously that “Shit just happens”

and what’s wrong with sharing a steam account so long as you trust said person? Should people get a ban because they shared a video game? If they get your account banned it’s your account but you knew the risks.

It’s against the steam terms of service to account share.
If the ban is greater > 365 days past that’s a different story… doesn’t it stop showing on your account at that point anyways?

I’ve seen over “1000 day(s) since last ban”

See it like this. You own a steam account for 10+ years. You have over 3000 games on your account.
You buy Call of Duty: “Any version”.
You wan’t to play clean without cheats and end up in a hacker lobby without knowing or even if you know it’s already to late.
Now you get a VAC ban.

Should you be punished for landing in a cheater lobby and be banned from all future games?

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You don’t?

You can get banned for just being in a hacker lobby in COD? That doesn’t make sense.

it says

2 VAC ban(s) on record
1003 day(s) since last ban

on that account


CoD implimented it very terribly

if you change ANY of the files on CoD you get vac banned, even if you change some settings

there has even been times where thousands of people were vac banned at once in MW2 I believe. It was corrected, but what if it wasn’t?

No you can’t, that person just doesn’t know what he is talking about.