VAC Bans?

Yeah right, I have no clue what I’m talking about.

All was fine until I accidently joined a hacker lobby. I left as soon as possible and didn’t think that something would happen. A few weeks ago nearly all my friends were banned some got their ban removed others didn’t. Mine wasn’t removed and I know for sure that I didn’t use any third party programs, exploits or skins.

Yes, again, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

You can’t get banned from joining a lobby, that’s not how it works. It’s all serversided.

You see that VAC ban under my steam profile? That was from modding MW2. I hosted modded lobbies and you do not get banned for playing in them.

I did the exact same thing, been a steam user since 2003, 6dig steam ID. I have never cheated in any games, except mw2 (modded lobbies).

Incorrect, a very close friend of mine did get a VAC for this reason, it was in MW2. Notice only one ban, and over 600 days ago.

Everything is serversided in lobbies, he probably edited something without knowing it could trigger VAC.

Could be, all I know is that he doesn’t cheat.

Actually, isn’t the thing against sharing a Steam account because if the person you are sharing with gets you banned from a game and such, you can’t say “oh, it was my friend/brother/sister/goldfish/etc that did it” to get out of it?

It ALWAYS seems to be a misconception that sharing an account = ban, but other than apparently when Rust was in Proof Of Concept, I’ve always read about it and found what I mentioned above was the case.

I got VCW banned in COD MW3 for making a lucky headshot like this:
I dont see any reason me getting VAC banned from ALL games just because a lucky shot. After that kill I got about 10-20 reports and I got VAC banned…

vac doesn’t ban people for getting a lucky shot lol

Never used hacks, but I got tons of reports for a shot like that.

The COD team did a funny job with their implementation of VAC. They can choose what they want VAC to look at as possible cheats. The COD team decided to protect nearly ALL of the assets. I think this was to make sure people didn’t use skins or textures on maps that might make it easier to see other players, objectives, etc. So it’s very strict because of this.

When it comes to COD, it’s more about modifying client files that triggered the ban for the majority of users out there. Keep in mind that most of those modifications were not made to gain an advantage in most users cases but they still modified the game and they don’t want people doing that.

However, you don’t KNOW if someone is cheating or not. You are not them. Don’t always assume people are not cheating. VAC isn’t a perfect system, they have made mistakes in the past. However, if someone is banned I can say 99.9999999~% of the time it’s a justified ban. The other fraction of a % will get their ban removed because chances are it affects more than just them. It’s easy for a tech to look in the DB and see exactly why someone was banned. “Oh, look! User xXxSNiPeR13yoxXx was flagged as cheating, VAC detected the signature of a known aimbot mod.” It looks for KNOWN cheats or modified memory in certain areas of the game to ensure some functions don’t get tampered with. If the check fails then you’re cheating or modifying the client in some way. Simple as that.

In the example of COD, that was a choice of EA. They wanted to VAC ban anyone that made modifications to their client. It sucks, but that’s what people get for buying from EA. Not VAC’s fault, it did what it was told to do. This is also why players should not be banned across the board for a VAC violation on one game.

You can’t get banned by being “reported”.

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Activision created CoD, not EA.

You couldnt be more wrong!
Neither Activision nor EA created CoD.

Infinity Ward created CoD. It was and still is published by Activision.

I don’t think vac bans work fast enough. A guy can cheat for weeks pass off gear to friends or second accounts before getting banned. My suggestion to you garry is don’t put game security on the back end I’ve seen it kill so many good games in the past. You could make the best game out there and still have it fail if you don’t handle these situations quickly.

420Bluntz is a hacker clan and should all be banned. All of them that I have checked except for 1 guy has all had previous VAC Bans and I totally agree with you they should not be able to play official servers at the least.

As I recall, there was also a HL1 mod which erroneously was detected as a cheat by VAC. When I say mod, I mean a Hidden/Natural Selection/early g-mod type mod which had an online component. Thousands of people were VAC banned for playing it, despite not using a cheat or hack. Valve later rescinded the bans and erased the record from everyone’s profile, but it goes to show that the system is not fool-proof.

do you even know anything about vac? lol

Herp derp. You’re right, I had a retard moment. I even knew better.

Anyone that legitimately thinks you should be banned from ALL VAC secured games with a ban on one game is being closed-minded. I have a VAC ban on my profile from using CheatEngine to speedhack in Chivalry. I did this in a basically empty server one night, with my brothers while we had some drinks. Later, I received a VAC ban.

Was it worth it? Ask yourself… have you ever been Goku? I have.

Would the punishment fit that crime? I hardly doubt it.

Yes I know a lot about VAC, doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. I have my opinion as you do yours.