VAC could ban like Amazon bans sellers/buyers

VAC is a bit too easy to get around. It takes $20 to take back a crime against humanity and ruining everyones day via cheating. A disturbance such as this has been looked at by some as no bit deal. Let me inform you about how people operate. Many people wake up in the morning and go to work each day, they live their life on a framework of rules and regulation, they make money, they go home or whatever, and life life. If, for example, someone was to get into a car accident, cause road-rage, block the door where they work, ect. The consequences of any such thing are very, very great. So great that the majority makes every attempt to avoid these types of situations.

Disturbing the regulatory environment of gaming, however, is considered different for some unknown reason. You have a large group of people following the rules, and then you have an organized minority who make every attempt on earth to break the rules. It costs $20 and 10 mins to get another chance.

Now for the part about Amazon… Amazon bans buyers and sellers on a daily basis who exploit the website platform by breaking the rules. Anyone who gets banned is banned in such a way that creating another functional account is a very heavy task. In most cases, Amazon can detect if someone is related to you in any way and bans them too if they find any suspicious activity on the account. They do this by identifying people via their credit card. Thats right, a simple method that has proven to work for Amazon, can also work for VAC.

So whats holding VAC back? I think Valve is a bit soft. When our server admins see anyone with a ban on any other game they are banned instantly from the server for life, thats the real world, thats how people operate, its called a criminal record, and its for life. I think its absurd that setting profile to private actually removes the ability to see the ban

Perhaps they like the extra money all of the cheaters pay in to keep playing. Although I doubt it considering cheaters are a fringe group (very small amount of people) in comparison to gamers as a whole.

You - Cheating is horrible and wasting $20 is too easy of a workaround

Valve - Cheating is bad and we don’t want it in our games, but if they are going to pay $20 for every time they troll a server so be it.

Of course I could be wrong and Valve could just be generally nice people, I wouldn’t fucking know

Why are you comparing car crashes to cheating at video games fucking hell. I think you’re taking video games a bit too seriously. If they cheat their account gets banned and the money they spent on the game becomes a waste, along with their account being permanently labeled as a cheater. That’s more than enough lol.

I got tipped $20 simply for holding a door open for a complete stranger. Paying $20 for another chance to some people is about as much punishment as having someone flip you off.

And yet, people like you would say they assume the money was a waste, when in reality these cheaters feel the money is a well spent form of entertainment.

oh yeah that too

Road rage and car crashes aren’t as important as video games

well any game but garry’s mod if someone tries that shit tie them to a wooden pole and tar them

If they wanna waste their money buying copies of the same game over and over again and getting banned then let them. They’ll run out of money eventually or just stop caring and give up. It’s really not as big a deal as you’re making it out to be.

They are probably thinking ‘‘fuck, I gotta spend another $20’’ actually

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I would post a inb4 if postal wasn’t here please don’t ban me i’m a virgin

No it fucking can’t. Do you not understand how VAC works?

What you’re basically saying is, don’t allow anyone to register Rust if they bought a valid Steam serial key off Amazon.

Or, don’t allow Amazon to sell Rust.

You want garry to stop selling Rust because you can’t fucking handle the fact that there are hackers in an alpha fucking game.

You need to re-evaluate your life priorities.

Run out of money when? Do you have any math sense?

Say you get banned 50 times over the course of 4 years, that $1000 or $250 a year. The average American makes something like 40k a year. You think they care about $250?

If you actually think someone is going to re-buy a $20 game FIFTY TIMES then you’re one dense motherfucker.

You need your fucking brain evaluated you fucking idiot You have to use your credit card to buy anything and get registered on most sites, thus Steam detects that you have a ban attached to your credit card with your name on it and now you are banned on any future profiles.

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If you think someone willing to cheat and ruin other peoples enjoyment wont re-buy a game 50 times your one dense motherfucker

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Oh, right.

Because prepaid gift cards don’t exist, you fucking Useful.

Because serial keys encode what credit card was used to purchase from Amazon.

Because cheaters who are willing to spend $2,000 on copies of Rust just to fuck with you are something that garry actually needs to worry about instead of working on finishing the game itself.

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  1. Prepaid cards?

  2. They can

  3. Gary doesn’t work on VAC…

And how about you go get a cat scan too, since apparently you think me getting banned on a forum account automatically means I wont create another, which took me like 2 mins. About the same amount of time it takes to make another Steam account. Fucking dumbass.

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Okay, so I skimmed his original post because my brain reboots if it’s subjected to too much bullshit at once. (This is why postal is a robot.) However, if you replace “Amazon” with “Valve” it’s exactly the same thing.

The OP was saying that Valve can blacklist credit cards that have been used to re-purchase games after being VAC-banned on other accounts in order to continue hacking (and getting VAC-banned). I can walk to my local grocery store and buy a $50 prepaid credit card for a small additional fee on top of the $50, and it is, for all intents and purposes, a MasterCard credit card with a fixed starting balance of $50 and no credit whatsoever.

I can do this as many times as I want. If I were to cheat on Rust (my account is 10 years old in February and I have no VAC bans), and I got VAC-banned, I could create a new Steam account and use a credit card that no retailer in the world has ever seen before, as many times as I could afford. So that idea is completely fucking stupid.

Maybe they can, but see above for why that doesn’t matter.

Garry does not work on VAC, but that’s the only way that Valve gets updated builds of the game to add to VAC’s database, and he is almost guaranteed able to submit confirmed hacks to Valve for inspection and entry into VAC.

And he’s got better things to do than deal with the OP’s lack of touch with reality to the point that he’s comparing hacking in Rust to car accidents and road rage.

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oh shit it’s an alt. I’m done replying in this thread, but make sure you entertain us well, fuckass. :v:

The average player of rust is 10 years old. 10 yr olds don’t make 40k a year.

Oh my god. VAC doesn’t work that w…


You know what?

VAC works EXACTLY that way. My uncle works for steam and if you just PM me the names of hackers I will personally see to it that they are added to VAC and never able to play again.