VAC delayed ban

So a guy can hack for up to 6 months before he gets banned? Most people get bored of games way before that. Some people even claim that VAC is not active in Rust at the moment.

Please give admin the necessary tools to ban hackers from their own servers and have your own admins in the official servers dealing with these aimbotters, no clip looters and dupers. VAC method is just to make steam more money by banning more people in a delayed wave, so more people buy a new key. YOUR ANTI CHEAT IS NOT HELPING US AT ALL.

its not active, look at the Rust page on steam it has no VAC badge, hackers are still lame tho…

VAC delays from 1 day to 2 weeks.

You don’t know how VAC works, you know 0 programming, you don’t know anything about steam either I assume.

VAC is the best you’re going to get, and I suggest going to a community server, as this happens to every single “official” server.

Stop complaining

It is actually up to around 3 months stated by valve and even Garry not too long ago.

You know nothing. Read the official news from Gary. Before you go bash someone, do your home work.

Not trying to say that he is a repetitve liar but they have lied once already about VAC being active as stated by Helk on the day of the Official Servers returning. We really just have to wait to see.

You think perhaps it was miscommunication with steam or just a honest mistake…surprising as it sounds these things do happen? You should not always jump to the conclusion that people are intentionally dishonest!

i highly doubt you know any better google must be your best friend

It is not an active anti cheat. It is designed to thwart active cheat development. If a cheat maker goes and makes a change to his Rust wallhack and gets immediately banned, then he knows next time he makes a cheat that what he just did isn’t going to work. But if he gets banned in like a month? He won’t know what changes he made that triggered the anti-cheat.

In the meantime, it’s an alpha, so don’t expect a full array of server tools to identify and ban cheaters. Not having everything fully featured is like the definition of an alpha. Proper server tools will come.

You also have 0 programming background obviously if you think VAC3 is loaded with the game right now.

I hope these tools come out eventually. The server admins are pretty upset they can`t moderate their own rented servers.

typical cocky condescending patronizing bullshit from a gold member (either they kick ass or mirror this guy) , nothing new, absolutely stupid and a ‘‘know it all’’ thats the standard around here