VAC error ?

I had a server, was thirty-eight players online. All were banned and I too. Vac is confusing errors in the game, as cheating.

I’m not a hacker. I’ll need to buy the game again? . -.

How you know they all got banned?

Yes, the errors are caused by third-party utilities used to gain an advantage over other players (i.e. cheats.)

Sorry bucko, you got what was coming to you.

Man, i am not hacker. If you do not believe it is your problem.

If you truly believe and know you did nothing wrong, contact Valve by following the instructions here.

VAC bans are controlled by Valve, not the game. There is no administrator or moderator here that can get you unbanned from back, nor will they try. There have been waves of people coming in the forum claiming they were falsely banned when not hacking, only for people to find out they have accounts on hacking websites. False positives are such a remote chance as to be almost impossible.

You’re wrong.
Obviously it’s your problem.
We still can play. :v:

When will you people stop flaming everyone who comes on here about a false positive ban? I understand you’re tired of the cheaters but this is not the way to go about it. If what he is saying is true and 38 people got banned simultaneously off a server, that’s obviously a false positive that needs to be corrected.

Also, if enough cheaters were actually getting banned, then we’d start seeing a decrease in their numbers, obviously.

Post your profile, please.

Surprisingly enough, nothing comes up under searches for “AaronRezende” or “FameGod.”

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Unfortunately that’s a tall order to fill, and with how VAC operates, completely unlikely unless all 38 people were cheaters. It’s as close to infallible as a cheat detection can get. If there were truly this many false positives, there would be an actual controversy beyond a bunch of children going “I swear I didn’t cheat, WTF”

Can he show that 38 players actually got banned from his server though?

People will say all sorts of things to try and weasel their way out of a ban. As I have mentioned, this isn’t the place for vac bans either. Either take the issue to valve, come here to ask about contacting valve, or don’t raise the issue at all.

Take this for instance. If he had come back and showed us some manner of truth to his claims beyond “I say so” then we might be inclined to take his case more seriously.

Funny story…

I too have a server and all the players and myself are not banned…

And cheaters would NEVER also lie would they…

So it must obviously be VAC’s mistake and not your cheat program getting detected…

Do us all a favor and please do not buy another copy of rust.

Or 39 people(OP included) were all using some kind of cheat/hack and are giving the “plead false positive on Facepunch” defense a shot as it worked SO well they last ban wave.

I can’t help but feel the person who suggested to try and dispute here was actually a genius as s/he knew nothing can be done about so called false positives here, so we end up getting the crowd that should be after that person as their “undetectable” hack was a sham.

Nah, I say let 'em buy the game again, more money for the devs and a future banned copy of Rust.

How likely is it that a meteor will hit at 35.0272° N, 111.0225°? Very unlikely. Still a possibility! I am NOT saying that it is likely or that he is telling the truth. But, I do believe the least that can be done is look in to whether or not 38 people just got banned for nothing.

If 38 people got wrongly banned we would be seeing a lot more complaining. I’m not disagreeing, it’s a possibility, but if it were true this would be a different conversation about a different situation.

I don’t buy into his lies.

Its not a far stretch to believe that someone that cheats also lies.

some folks are wise enough to thwart the ever classic google by a simple namechange for hack sites… doesnt mean he doesnt have an account, we just dont know his username.

Let me put up the number of current false positives: 0

Nothing is fool proof. Three years ago I was part of a massive ban wave that VAC banned some 2-3k legit players in CoD Black Ops on top of a bunch of cheaters. Valve’s response was that while they admitted there was an error in VAC for that week they were unable to determine who in the ban wave was actually cheating and who was not they would not remove any of the bans. As a result my account that had 160+ games and not one issue now shows a VAC ban from three years ago for an error on their part.

Wasn’t that a completely different thing as THAT was Valve was sent one version of a gamefile and a totally different one was in the data for COD and the false bans were a due to the file mismatch?