VAC help..

I’m sorry but ive been on steam for a good few years now and never understood VAC, all i thought it was you couldnt use hacks at all but it seems you can, what i’m REALLY asking though is… If im on a server and VAC bans me, is that from every server on that one game or every server on every source game?? Let me just make this clear though, I’M NOT HACKING I’M ONLY ASKING.

Every server of every source game. Hacking sucks.

There’s VAC and VAC2.

VAC works on GoldSrc games like Team Fortress Classic, etc
VAC2 works on Source games.

If you get VAC banned in a Source game you can’t play on VAC2 protected servers on any Source game, same for VAC with GoldSrc games, however if you’re VAC banned it has no effect on games that use VAC2 and vice-versa.

aah ok thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:

And it is disabled in GMod, it stills shows up, mainly as a scare tactic.

ok guis, t1m3 4 sum 1337 h4x!! whoops, did i say that? hahaha im joking guys, thanks for the info, i ust wasnt to sure on it ^^