[VAC Info Thread] If you've got VAC Banned read this thread!

Hi Guys

I’ve created this thread to help Rust Section with people that spam forums with threads like: why they got vac banned or that they were innocently banned.

So i guess you’ve come here out of curosity or just got VAC’d

Basics About V.A.C

VAC aka Valve Anti Cheat is Anti-Cheat software created by Valve Software for multiplayer games to prevent player’s from hacking
It is used in most multiplayer games based on source engine and few non-source choosen ones like Rust

How does VAC works?

VAC detects any attempts of modifying game process either manually or using automated tools like hacks or programs
If you will try to modify some stuff in active process of rust it might get you flagged
No matter what kind of program you use
Messing with game process or .dll files will be detected and will result getting your account flagged

Account Flagged

If your account gets flagged you will be put onto VAC Ban Queue
VAC Ban Queue is a database storing steamids of people that will get vac ban in time

The Delay Of Vac Ban

Vac bans are not instant
They have random delay before they happen
From few days up to few weeks and maybe even more

This way Hack Designers have lower possiblities of finding vac exploits / workarounds

Banned For No Reason?

There is like extremly low chance to get banned due to bug of game
Thought if you would be victim of that there’d be probatly more victims
Which would get attention of Valve & Rust Dev Team and you’d probatly be unbanned with rest of unlucky people

How to remove VAC Ban

It is impossible to remove vac ban manually by using hacks or any programs
Only one who are able to that are Valve Employees and possibly Rust Devs if they contact with Valve

How to avoid getting VAC’d?

Just don’t download any .dll or .exe modifications for Rust that might give you advantage over other players

Tricking Employees

You might be desperate enought to try tricking valve employees into beliving that you are actually innocent
You should give up doing so
They’ve got logs of every vac ban
Which shows what has been done and harmed

They might suspend your account for doing so

Official Sources About Valve Anti Cheat

Keep in mind you don’t need to edit game files directly or change memory to get banned.

You can be banned for reading memory externally, writing memory, making an overlay that injects in, e t c

Manual vac bans happen maybe once or twice every few years.

THOUGH keep in mind VAC is mostly a blacklist (mostly, not all of it)

Therefore, there is some cheats that will never be detected, simply because only 1-2 people use it. VAC will never catch coders who know what they’re doing and don’t release publicly. This is why admins on servers are neccesary

If you hack you die of AIDS

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trust me i posted on webmd before and i know a guy who got vac banned for hacks

B–but I got a virus! That caused me to get a VAC ban!

“Sorry it was just my brother doing shit, please unban me!”

“Someone was using my name and framed me!”

Got a perfect picture for anyone who brightens up that excuse

BEHOLD, steam support generic response to all banned rust users.

Shamelessly stolen from a Brazilian although

But… an admin teleported me! Stupid VAC saw me moving so quickly as a speed hack! You should totally go by my word!!

VERY mature, how can you make a joke about a deadly contagious disease.
you should never wish such a thing to ANYONE…kid

I didn’t wish it on anyone - and if I were you, I’d take a nice break from the internet for a moment and calm down.

VAC doesn’t really prevent people from cheating, it more or less punishes them afterwards for it.

It can be preventive in the sense that some people won’t hack if they know they’re getting banned.

grow up, your comment was a huge fail.
there is NO reason at all to wish someone AIDS, are you serious?!

I don’t know why I’m keeping it up but I didn’t wish it on anyone man. It was just a small comment on part of a joke, now take a chill pill.

yeah so funny, i hope you will never lose someone due to a shit like that.
the rust community is just outstanding and mindblowing.

take all the CoD and BF players, put them all in one forum and voila you get this!

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No jokes allowed guise.

Okay dude, with all due respect, calm the fuck down and leave this thread. It’s for your own good, the more you reply the more you’re getting worked up. This is a thread about VAC bans and we should all keep it that way. (also thank you for calling me stupid as fuck on steam, I appreciate it)

And flaming my wall, real cool.

stop post