VAC information thread

A lot of newbies (or generally kids) are not understanding the principles of VAC, example:

So here’s how it works.


Thanks sshunter
This means that .lua files WILL NOT GET YOU BANNED



Making any petitions WILL NOT CHANGE A FUCKING THING If you 12 year old’s were smart, you’d know that Garry doesn’t give a fuck how much you bitch about how you hate one thing!

Q. I’ve used Bacon Bot last month, am I possible for a VAC ban?
A. Possibly

Q. VAC sucks it’s stupid blah blah
A. The only way to avoid it is not to hack

Q. I want to change this, what do?
A. Nothing, like I said Garry Doesn’t give a fuck!

Q. If this is a mistake, where do I seek help?
A. STEAM support, but most likely it will be labeled as a legit ban, fight it up in court

Q. Why didn’t Garry warn us earlier?
A. He did, 1 year ago exactly, he said that it has been activated ever since launch.

Q. Will I be banned from ALL source games that run on the 2009 engine?
A. Nope, just Garry’s Mod

Q. Will I get banned for cheating in single player?
A. Nope

  1. Will VAC 2 support all Steam games or just Source games?
    To be determined

  2. Will VAC 2 ban for custom models/sounds?
    no but servers may enforce consistancy

  3. How often will VAC 2 be updated?
    <this information is never disclosed>

  4. How will servers enable VAC 2?
    the same way that servers enable VAC now

  5. What recourse will I have if I feel the ban is un-justified?
    There is no recourse if a player gets vac banned. If you contact support you will just be told that you will not be unbanned.

  6. Will VAC 2 scan my hard drive or just memory?

  7. Will VAC 2 support third party mods?
    To be determined

  8. I use cheats to watch demos / when watching matches from HLTV. Will VAC 2 ban me?
    All wallhacks and cheats of any kind will be banned if used on a secure server.

  9. Will VAC 2 ban for scripts?

  10. Will VAC 2 ban by Steam ID or IP?
    Steam ID.

  11. Will VAC 2 consider x-spectate a cheat?
    All wallhacks and cheats of any kind will be banned if used on a secure server.

  12. Will r_3dsky be considered a cheat?
    yes - note that the detect is a hack not the CVAR itself. Servers with sv_cheats 0 set will not allow legit clients to set r_3dsky 0.

  13. Will VAC detect/ban for having Ventrilo, Teamspeak, or instant message programs running in the background?

  14. Im hoping to switch to linux (and get rid of windows partition totally), and run most games native or cedega. Will cedega be flagged as a cheat?
    no, but NOTE: the Steam client is not supported under these operating systems.

  15. Does VAC2 only scan for known cheats, or does it have heuristics?
    <this information is never disclosed>

  16. Will it be possible to run VAC 2 and Cheating-Death together on a Server?
    To be determined

  17. Will VAC2 have server admin functions “similiar to x-spectate” that allows server admins to detect/observe possible new “hacks/cheats/exploits” and then provide a channel for a “bug/detection report” to the VAC2 Team for review?
    VAC Bans will NEVER be subjective to human judgement, nothing like this would ever be implemented/allowed.

  18. Will HLAMP or HLAMP2 be considered a cheat?
    if they are part of some cheat, then yes (some cheats include a form of HLAMP)

  19. Will the bans be delayed or instant?
    VAC Bans are always delayed (no change from VAC1)

  20. Will VAC be available on all servers or just those in the USA?
    all Source Servers (HLDM servers TBD)

  21. Will using voice programs (like those that I can send music over my mic) get me banned?
    if done using a cheat then yes, otherwise no. … Sending music over your mic is often offensive and distracting and you may get admin banned from a server for doing so.

  22. Will VAC2 have a built in admin function that can take auto-screen shots that can be stored on the server for admins to look at?

  23. Will this scanner be detected as a cheat
    This is not a useful scanner, it is IRC based and a security risk. Bans from this tool are based on the opinion of an individual and are based on name detects for files on your disk. VAC/VAC2 would not detect this tool as a cheat since it isn’t.

  24. When connecting to Source games will there be a bar that indicates VAC is downloading and the time remaining? (sort of like with HL based games)
    To be determined

  25. Will VAC2 be aggressive in keeping itself up-to-date against new hacks and/or cheats?.

  26. Will accounts banned for one-year under VAC be unbanned when their time is up, or will those bans be switched to permanent once VAC2 is released?

  27. Will VAC2 Share VAC1’s ban list (in addition to its own)? Visa Versa?

  28. Does VAC ban by game or the entire account?

  29. Will VAC2 detect the RetarT pointer?

  30. Will VAC2 detect “hybrid cheats”? (a hybrid is an opengl wrapper with enginefuncs)

  31. Is using a custom crosshair considered a cheat (you change gamefiles)?

  32. Is using Powerstrip or a similar prog to change the gamma considered a cheat (these programs would run in the background)?

  33. Will VAC2 scan for cheats when on insecure servers and carry over that ban to secure servers?

  34. Will non-cheat league approved hooks for TFC (such as aniGL) be detected and be considered a canidate for a ban?

  35. Will Valve make it abundantly clear BEFORE they release VAC2 as to what line entries are considered by them as banable items?

  36. Will VAC2 ban you for using FRAPS? (Becouse it adds displays in game, like framerate, ect.)

  37. Will Xfire (the popular in game and out of game IM and friend finding program) cause any problems with VAC2?

  38. Will “sv_cheats 1” be considered a bannable cheat? Can VAC2 Run wile “sv_cheats 1” is enabled?

  39. Will cl_weather be considered a cheat?

  40. Will VAC decrease performance in any way?

  41. If VAC2 bans users for using something like HLIRC, HLAMP or similar, that does NOT have cheat functionality (ignoring the state of the current hlamp2), will these be reversed?

  42. What about mat_proxy When it’s set to 1 - Are you gonna be banned?
    If you have been affected by this and you think it’s a mistake, steam support is your last chance but do remember you got a 2% chance of making it out alive.
    Other than that, buy a new account and VALVE WILL NOT HAND OUT REFUNDS

So keep crying, and enjoy them VAC bans rolling :wink:

Your kind friend

VAC is so dumb I want to hack garrysmod but I’m not allowed to It’s so fucking unfair. :downs:

How will I ever hack again with baconbot

But seriously, good thread. Wish I could contribute.

Thank you.

Personally, I’m not mad that its enabled; I’m mad about the way garry implemented it. It was a known fact that VAC was disabled in Garry’s Mod, garry even states himself that it was previously disabled on (“Valve Anti Cheat is now enabled in GMod”, Oct 22/10). Why would he tell us this AFTER setting the system in place? Believe me, I would have deleted my cheats in a heartbeat if I knew he re-enabled VAC. That’s why I’m mad: there was no warning of being banned.

But in the end, you’re right: there’s no way in hell garry is going to give a fuck.

Turns out I can contribute.

He said last year that VAC has been enabled ever since launch. He only re-touched on it because of Baconbot (to my estimation of what has currently gone on)

But yes, nothing will be done to change Garry’s thought and this is directed at all the children who reckon it’s unfair.

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I can’t access the link, so I can’t validate the information but here’s an interesting post.

Added to FAQ. Thanks sshunter.

I’m done for tonight, gonna go to bed.
Good luck finding more information!
Glad to help.

No problemo, adding now.

Finally, somebody with a brain explaining VAC.

I hope this get’s a sticky so we can stop every VAC thread…

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And thanks

Somebody has to do it.

I was getting pissed at how much people were crying over a little module that helps to protect games from hackers.

And yes today my friend bit the dust.

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All im mad about is that garry didnt give us any sort of warning, got all devs banned, he gave us no info since two days ago

It’s been activated ever since 2009 Tobba.

Its been active since a month ago, have you read up at all?

Actually really its been active forever, but it has not worked since a month ago

He isn’t obligated to.