VAC Protection currently disabled on US Cent4

TL;DR - This is not a “pls facepunch why u no ban hackers??” post, there is a MAJOR error/glitch on the US Central 4 server that is allowing VAC banned Rust players to connect to the server, this issue is confirmed by multiple VAC banned players who are unable to connect to ANY official server other than US Central 4.

Update 1
sleKron is the first VAC banned Rust player to personally confirm on the facepunch forums that he has access to the US Central 4 official server despite being banned from joining any other servers: – STEAM_0:1:18298178

Update 2
US Central 4 is down.

Update 3
US Central 4 is back up and VAC banned players can still play on the server, all other official servers remain unavailable to them.

Update 4
More and more legit players are leaving the server and the influx of hackers continues, US Central 4 is quickly becoming the unofficial hacker friendly server. Multiple VAC banned players have confirmed in game that they are unable to connect to other servers and are blatantly hacking and destroying legit players hard work because they know once the issue is fixed, they won’t be able to play anyway.

Original Post
For some reason VAC protection is currently disabled on US Central 4 and players with Rust VAC bans are able to join it freely. Currently there are 20+ players with Rust VAC bans (mostly from the ban wave three days ago) running around the map causing total chaos by speed hacking, flying around aimbotting, and attempting to noclip (they seem to have problems moving and looting through walls, but have no problem killing you and destroying your crates through them.)

Two hackers with Rust VAC bans currently online who are flying around making no attempt to hide their activities have confirmed in chat that US Central 4 is the only official Rust server they are able to connect to. Multiple hackers have acknowledged and even bragged about circumventing their bans on an official server in chat, and I have seen more then one hacker challenge another to a “hack off” or hacker duel. Any word on if/when protection will be re-enabled? Are the devs currently aware of this issue?

If anyone would like to confirm this, all you have to do is join the server and view the player list. Fully half of the players currently online have VAC bans from three days ago, many of whom have public profiles and no games other then Rust played. Alternately, you can walk towards any populated area (the northwestern most radiation town as an example) and look up into the sky. If you survive two minutes without being killed by a head shot delivered courtesy of a blank player name zipping around the sky, consider yourself especially lucky.

Edits / More Info

The following is a list of players who are blatantly hacking in game or have admitted they are hacking in chat and have suspected or confirmed Rust VAC bans (all players listed are online or have recently been online at the time of posting): – STEAM_0:1:72284007 – STEAM_0:0:39165798 – STEAM_0:1:57072217 – STEAM_0:1:75346656 – STEAM_0:0:79437041

The following is a less reliable list that includes players who are suspected of having a Rust VAC ban that have been provided to me by other players with inconclusive evidence, preventing me from personally verifying their recent activities on US Central 4 (all players listed are online or have recently been online at the time of posting): – STEAM_0:1:11164675

I am currently playing US Central 4 and can confirm there is an odd amount of hackers. Just by checking the player list clicking afew names I have 6 people who have been VAC banned within the last 3 days. There are many people speed hacking and flying in the air which I thought was fixed in the last update. Is this just US Central 4 or is this still a problem in all the servers?

EDIT: I am looking at one of the players profiles right now and the only game he has is RUST… He was VAC banned 3 days ago yet is playing on US central 4… Here is his steam profile.

I’m guessing it’s partly because man of the “North america #” servers are down, and they still want to mess with people. They probably all migrated to the remaining servers. Checking the list I’ve made, I can see most of the cheaters from NA3 are in Rust playing, and they certainly aren’t on NA3.

odds are its not “disabled” vac has delayed bans, servers down? oh lets grief on others.

Doesn’t mean vac is off.

Hmm… But the profile I linked only owns one game and its RUST. How is this person playing on an official server that is VAC protected if they are VAC banned?

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The hackers currently running rampant on the server are already VAC banned, and have confirmed themselves in chat that this is the only official server they are able to join.

I’m not sure how the fact VAC employs delayed bans is relevant here, we aren’t asking why some hackers haven’t been banned yet. We are asking why a group of hackers who are already banned are able to connect to one, and only one, of the official servers.

Ok, i do no why, but in my first day in rust i get a VAC ban, i have sure i’m not hacking or nothing like this, please, can someone fix that?

The only server i can join now is US central 4

I don’t know how or why you got banned but thank you for confirming this. I went to your profile and it says you were banned 3 days ago which is the same time the majority of the players who are in question got banned.

This player is only able to join US Central 4. If this isnt enough confirmation that there is a problem than I don’t know what is.

Surprise, surprise, 3 of them are Korean
This is one reason I KOS Koreans

If I was a betting man, I would put money on a Dev was on there and turned off vac to test fixes for hacks.

Server is back up, VAC banned players can still join it, updated hackers list.

Yep seeing a ton of hackers running around right now on this server.

Just joined the server to check the player list again and still a lot of hackers. I dont know if anyone has looked into this but would be awesome to get some feed back.

More and more legit players are leaving the server, it is quickly becoming the unofficial hackers only Rust server, is this intentional devs?

I’m seriously strapped at this point, a Korean hacker capped me and looted my bag from a really long distance.
The hackers keep making me lose shit, when is something going to be done?

No kidding… I’m not one to complain about hackers but the fact that there are people who are already VAC banned but able to play on this server is ridiculous.

Maybe Johnny can check (I absolutely refuse to give those asshats any more page views than they already get) but if I had to hazard a guess I would say they’ve probably told all their cheater buddies which servers still let them on, which is why it’s much worse in that server. Like a directed shit storm, really.

VAC banned players are still able to connect to US Central 4 but no other official servers. Being camped by flying aimbotters and griefed by partial noclippers etc. has become par for the course on the server. Seeing hackers fly around, zoom across the map at crazy speeds, stick their head through walls to destroy crates, and absorb infinite amounts of damage without dieing, has now become so common that people generally don’t even bother reporting their experiences in chat as they are met with a wall of “We know, everyone here hacks…” responses. While there may be some blatant hackers on other servers, the fact we are dealing with people who are already VAC banned (and thus have no incentive whatsoever to restrain themselves) has fostered a hacking pandemic.

I would just like to hear something from someone because there is obviously a serious problem here. Myself and many other players have stopped playing on that server because days of work have gone to waste. This post has been up for well over a day now and the server has had this problem for almost a week but I havent seen anything done. These are confirmed cheaters and they are sitting on the server laughing their ass off because they can do what ever they please without punishment. I dont even care if I cant play on this server I would atleast like to see it taken down so these hackers cant play the damn game.

You guys seem pretty mad. Must be getting the butthurt