VAC Question

I have a question about the VAC system. I saw the post on the homepage of Rust, and I saw that cheaters will be banned by VAC. I was wondering if the VAC is source VAC like CSS, TF2, and ect. or will the the VAC kind of work like if does on Garry’s Mod in the fact that Garry bans who he wants with “GAC”.

vac as in the one in source games

i think it will be VAC (like on CS:S) and not GAC

VAC 2 to be more precise.

So it would be a good Idea not to activate it on a VAC banned account right?

I want to know the same

i think so

Thanks. But if anyone gets any proof please post.

VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat.

I know… But there is also GAC. Gary Anti-Cheat where he bans people he think need to be banned.

Has he ever banned for someone who just griefs all the time?

I emailed garry yesterday asking that question.

He responded saying that Rust vac bans are separate from the usual blanket vac ban, so it should be safe to register it on a previously vac-banned account., =)

if it’s the vac from source, hacks will still be there in huge number, I remember that shit didn’t stop anything in css, you could wallhack with cheat engine and not get vac ban. Hope it got better with the years or steam will just be a better frames and that’s it.

Answer from Garry.

Well I don’t really understand that. Garry’s mod is on steam but it has a whole other VAC system. Does Garry mean he will use VAC or GAC. Sorry for the stupid question.

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Not saying I don’t believe you, but can you send a pic of the email?