VAC question.

I know that if you are banned you can still play on GMod, but can you get VAC banned whilst playing GMod (I mean flagged)? Or does it not do shit whatsoever?

Vac is enabled but does not ban.

It works, it just does nothing with the infractions. I believe garry has a list of the infractions from the steam developer backend.

So basically, VAC is a useless thing for GMod?


VAC logs all infractions but has never banned. It probably never will ban.

It’s just not the kind of game that needs to ban cheaters.

How does one cheat in a sandbox game? Do they aimbot and ESP a boat together?

You can get banned, but theres a trick to get in to VAC servers


Nope, free admin, anti ban, Theres many hacks! :frog:

No, you can’t get banned.

Certainly not!