VAC Question!

Say if someone got VACED on Garry’smod, and then Gmod 13 gets released, will the VAC ban carry over to the Gmod13 from current gmod?

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Yes as GMod 13 is only an update to the current one and VAC bans our dished out on a manufacture basis so say you got VAC’d from CSS you would also be VAC’d is TF2 DODS and all other valve’s own games.

yes, because GMod 13 is just a update

Thanks for clearing it up for me

Not true, if you’re banned from CSS you’re not banned from TF2.

If I remember right, it’s harder to get VAC Bans in Garry’s Mod because the aimbots and other stuff like that are made with .LUA. But, if you DO use some crap programs that modify code and others it will grant the VAC Ban.

By the way, if you get VAC Ban in a Valve game it carries over to all Valve games (mods too, I think) except for SiN Episodes, The Ship and Garry’s Mod. They say that Garry has a different type of VAC that still allows you to play even if you’re banned, but IF you were to “cheat” in a VERY special way like hacks and other junk it will happen.

NOTE: I overheard people talking about there NOT being VAC in Garry’s Mod, and I figured out that they were wrong. As Garry’s Mod DOES have VAC

It used to not do anything but it got activated on October 2010 to ban users of the DLL based hack called Baconbot by blacklisting the module they were using.

yep baconbot is what got me old account VAC

This, VAC is engine specific. VAC bans only apply to games running the same build of a engine. So a while ago, getting banned on CS: S would have banned you on TF2 as well, but TF2 is now forked into it’s own engine, so the bans will not carry over.

But Garrysmod VAC bans will carry through to all version of Garrysmod that will be released. GMod 13 is not a new game, it is just the version number of the game.

If I’m not mistaken VAC bans are on a game-by-game basis- getting banned in DoD:S will not affect CS:S, TF2, et cetera. If you’re banned on Garry’s Mod, you will still be banned when the update rolls around.

They may have adjusted it since I last checked. But I remember it working on a engine basis at one point I think.

why would you use aimbots on garrysmod anyway?

CSS now runs on their own fork of the engine, too (When they moved css to the /orangebox/css folder or something)


Didn’t they update CSS to the TF2 engine a while back?