VAC sucks !!!

A few days ago I was banned from Rust because i should hacked. But i doesnt hacked.I fell from a mountain and rolled to the ground.Then i was kicked from the server and there was written yo have a Speedhack.I tried to connect on the Server but i was banned?! Help Please !!!


Were you banned from a server or VAC?

Just like every other person posting the same post here, you will get a similar response: “VAC is not wrong (except 1 time, and they admitted it), they only ban if they are 100% certain you are manipulating game files the way they shouldn’t be.”

Can someone run a “Is he on any cheat/hack selling website” thing-mo-bob?

his steam profile shows multiple VAC bans. . . .


It was a Vac Ban.

He fell from a mountain a mile away. =P

All you can do is contact Valve with regards to this. Odds are you won’t get unbanned though. Despite what you may think/have been told, Facepunch only makes the game. They can’t reverse VAC bans as they have nothing to do with VAC.

ok thanks

Translation, “Mommmmmmmmm, I need $20 again!”

Oh, and it IS a VAC:

Account was active last in September, so there may or may not be a correlation.

Shame to you OP

You cheated, now go get a new account and buy it again or fuck off, those are your options

Yes VAC is horrible, how dare it do it’s job by trying to protect gamers. How dare it ruin your fun.

The best part is it’s possible that the crappy cheat he used does not remove very well. Then he makes a new account, buys Rust and bam VAC again. I find that hilarious.

Yeah, must suck being a cheater…

lol hes mad he got cought

The best thing about hackers is that eventually they rebuy Rust on another account, and the cycle goes full circle. The only winner is Facepunch Studios, which makes probably upwards of a few thousand dollars every VAC wave :v: