Vac Timeout


i got this error many times since the last rust update, does anyone have a clue how i can fix it ?

Do you have a firewall or antivirus package running? If so, name(s) please.

That error means the VAC servers are unreachable, so VAC can’t tell if you’re clean or not – and so it kicks you to be safe. It does not mean a ban or anything.

The problem is that Steam Auth system runs all the time while you play a game, so you can even risk being kicked suddenly while playing… have seen many players suddenly get kicked with no warning at all, would be nice if the system just checked with the Steam server, then let you play.

Well, you see, VAC makes contact with the mothership at irregular times, because some games allow you to inject hacks after the game’s loaded, so just scanning on startup and then trusting that first result is insufficient.

Also, the actual weaponized stuff that does the hack-hunting in VAC isn’t even installed on your machine normally; it’s downloaded from the Valve mothership from the latest definitions as of right then. Basically, it only grabs it on an as-needed basis, performs irregular periodic scans of your memory, and then shunts the protection away when it sees that you are a well-behaved player with no hacks as you bash in naked victims’ skulls with your trusty rock.

But if, all of a sudden, it appears you blocked VAC to prevent it from scanning you, beep beep yellow alert, punt this guy out. I believe VAC timeouts don’t always kick and can fail nicely if set to, but they kick in Rust. Steam on your local computer doesn’t see a difference between you blocking VAC and VAC just being down and unable to respond.