Well today ( 9/30/2013 ) I was reported by a player on my server that someone can set their points, kick anyone, and spawn admin stuff when he was a regular user. He also told me it had said that vac wasn’t secure. Since VAC was down, anybody can do anything, ban, kick, and anything else as they wish by injections. How can I fix this?

They were probably using a STEAMID spoofer. That means that they can fake themselves as a member of staff (or they had some serious hacks going on). There are some anti-cheat systems other than VAC somewhere. Why don’t you have VAC turned on?

I do have it turned on. Thats the thing I’m asking about. Why wasn’t VAC working, why did it say it wasn’t secured and not turned on? Thats why they could do what they did.

Oh, well in that case, I am not sure why it would turn off. Try restarting your server.

Vac does nothing of use. It prevents people with pirated copies to work and that’s about it.

The issue you are most likely dealing with is that an addon you have on your server has a exploit in it, which would allow a user to set themselves as an admin in ULX (I’m assuming you are using ULX)

The person in this thread had a similar problem:


Ok, my point still stands. Have you added any new addons recently?

Yes. 3

resource.AddWorkshop( "139247091" ) -- Halo Model
resource.AddWorkshop( "104585425" ) -- SB New Worlds 2
resource.AddWorkshop( "131472171" ) -- SB Battle Grounds

I’m sorry but lol

Whats funny?

vac isnt even enabled in gmod period, and theres no such thing as a steamid spoofer and they dont just “inject their kicks on you”

lua or c++, vac is technically non-existant in gmod (only detects hacks for older versions), gac is enabled (detects exes), i am checking the addons you posted now. Halo 4 model seems good.

EDIT: None of the addons have backdoors.

do you have any folders in garrysmods/addons or lua files in garrysmod/lua and garrysmod/lua/autorun

Hi, developer of the “backdoor” people brought up

No, I took that down and no one can use it. (Well they can try but the chances of them finding a server with it is like 0.01%

Enable VAC