If you’re against VAC existing in Garrysmod; it will make things awkward and cause a lot of hassle if you observe the coding of Garrysmod. I can see random VAC Bans for mishaps.

Feel free to Join:

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They always say the coding is flawless for VAC. But I was VAC’d in CSS for no reason. I didn’t cheat or anything.

VAC has flaws… but it helps in the end. I just don’t want to be banned from the game I love the most. Everyone should just unvac secure their servers.

I’m with ya man! Some valve employee said they saw me using an acheivement and i got vacced and lost lost of games i paid real money for!!

100% all the way dude!

I have to agree its a very stupid idea, most of the lua devs (advanced ones) is already VAC’d

but they was banned for DLL’s, not lua scripts as some people think

It just doesn’t work.
And one thing Garry does not comprehend is the fact that all servers have common sense. They can independently see cheaters. Everyone on Garrysmod can cheat because they have the ability too in Lua. You speak of intentions and nonsense. If the ability is there and there is no risk what do you expect?
And the fact you made no warning was a very sly move. I’m disappointed in you for doing that itself!

May I note VAC Banning people for having gmcl_deco.dll is a horrible idea. My reasoning for that is some may use it for Modding which is the purpose of garrysmod to make mods; despite their being common sense and so on that they most probably aren’t. They could still have the file in their folder. I see so many arguements for it but the arguements against it are greater. Basically if I get VAC Banned on garrysmod; I live in England; London! AND I’ll be fucking pissed. Already had enough bullshit from CSS and VAC.

All the awsome people is VAC’d

Alot of innocents is gonna be VAC’d due to the mods nature, you cant fix it.

But someone had to complain and force this upon is. Narrow-minded idiots.

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One thing I love is
“You can still use Lua hacks to cheat”

“Advanced .dll’s will cause a vac ban” (summarised it)

That’s silly. So people can still Cheat… what is the point of having it?!

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yes it reduces it. But at the end if the day manz gna get raped

I just hope I;m not going to be VAC’d for hacking in single player.

But I agree it is kind of stupid, if they don’t want people to hack, why not put a script enforcing, or blacklist it (though stupid)

1.Recompile deco with one random declaration
2.Deco becomes VAC undetected
3. ???

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We’ve said it three times, you won’t be banned.

ALSO: VAC has no flaws, you have cheated. It’s only flaw it’s shitty as in you can copy-pasta code and do some manual mapping and you have a undetected hack.

Would cvar2 get me banned?

The logic of VAC does not work with Garrysmod. Make Garrysmod Anti DLL - GAD
Any Dll’s that are considered a cheat will cause you to be auto-kicker from a server. You can send these to Garry or a “Moderator” and get them to check it if an error has been caused.
I’m sorry but banning for Dlls is stupid. Garry wont explain the logic behind it either because he is worried we will understand it or it is complete bullshit and based on suspicion.

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Fuck I deleted all my Dlls apart from Gm_bass.dll and gm_chrome.dll for PERP and gm_sprite which is automatic

I think that garry wants to eliminate multi-player, if everyone has a .dll


Something needs to be done about this.
Everyone Un-VAC secure your servers if this gets out of hand. Lol

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I forsee issues it just frustrates me. VAC Banning for a file is gay… It’s not right.

Un-VACing is like greeting a pirate though, right?

Its not, just put -insecure in the server launch options

Uhm,Un-VACing your server won’t make it cracked or anything, to be honest.

wow, are you guys really that dense

you will not randomly get vac’d. you just won’t. If you think you did get banned, you were a dumbass by having your account hijacked and someone else cheated on your account.

vac won’t ban you for random things, only recognized cheats. if you don’t cheat, you won’t get banned. You will not get banned for random dlls.

Stop being so ‘omg rebel’ and accept the vact that VAC does indeed stop cheaters and only cheaters. If you were dumb enough to get keylogg’d/phished/plain giving your password away, then that is not a mistake of VAC and you won’t get unbanned because you are responsible of what happens with your account and it is not valve’s worry

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no server gets adminn’d 24/7 and not every cheater cheats in an obvious way. Lua hacks can be prevented by lua scripts. Hacks like baconbot, are not and must be dealt with by VAC

And now developers will get vaced, just like the remaining 200+ people who bought baconbot.

He said it’s like greeting a pirate as if it was cracked, greeting cheaters to your server so they can demolish the fun of the game.

Scriptenforcer 1

That is what admins are for.

Name one current flaw VAC has.

Things like gm_mount2 won’t get you banned. Garry has said so on