Community Server is a new gaming community that will strive to provide the absolute best gaming experience to loyal members. As of right now, we can offer private teamspeak channels for your clan/group/crew by your request.

Please join us today by connecting through console:


Server Name: – ![US] PvP Sleeper/Noob Friendly Wiped 1/5/2014
Settings: PvP is on, Sleepers are on, Airdrops are on
Location: Dallas, TX

We have a great community that welcomes anyone and everyone and we also have a community forum at our website where your voice can and will be heard. We would love for you to become a part of our community and help make a great experience and wonderful memories that will never be forgotten.

Just wanted to mention, this server also does not allow Explosive Charges to be crafted. You can only find them in loot drops/airdrops.