vacban and cheatpunch

to be clear, i am not hear to ask to be unbanned. i tried and no one replied, plus its hard to argue against as i have several hack forum accounts which no one believes my reason for it

i am here to ask why am i not vacbanned as well? I was told that cheatpunch ban would lead to a vacban. not only that, but i can join other servers. i only got one ban on a server other then the first one i played, and it came after i played on it for a bit. after a while, i left and played other games. i come back on for the 25th update and it still works with no vacban.

dont get me wrong, i dont want one. in fact im trying to get my current ban undone by other means besides complaining in the forums, at least untill i get proof some other way. whenever i get unbanned, i want this game to be as great as possible and glitch free. so please look into the weird vacban/cheatpunch issue.

short term effect u wont be able to join servers wit hcheatpunch enabled and vac will get you. Its just not instant, they ban in waves. it will happen, trust.

Cheatpunch and VAC are completely independent systems. They do not talk to each other.

They tend to detect the same things, but VAC is slower than Cheatpunch. They are not necessarily both going to catch all cheats, and they are run by completely different entities: VAC is run by Valve and only Valve, and Cheatpunch is run in-house by garry and Facepunch Studios.

To be honest, the most effective way of contesting your Cheatpunch ban at this moment is to post in the thread in this subforum titled “cheatpunch” and started by garry, providing your Steam ID and asking for garry to provide the proof he has. Cheatpunch takes screenshots.

Like this (this is not you, it’s someone else):

i saw that, and i did. no one repplied to it and when i bumped it i was banned. so i moved on.

Well, contentless bumps are against the rules, and you got banned for posting an image macro, something else FP doesn’t like. It has nothing to do with that thread being the wrong place or whatever.

garry’s active on the forum right now, althugh he’s probably paying more attention to the thread he’s just made about Easy Anti Cheat. Or, you could post your Steam ID here and maybe he’ll see this thread.

as far as the image macro goes, i didnt have much else to say as i had already made my case in the previous post and i just wanted it noticed. i had nothing to add, so i thought the picture might cheer some admin up (more then the hackers)

You probably already know this, but the Cheatpunch ban checker says you were caught using radar, ESP, and aimbot.

I’m not here to rag on you for cheating, but if you somehow didn’t see all the links to the ban checker in the cheatpunch thread, there it is. And radar and ESP are definitely things that will show on a screenshot, so unless you’re the first discovered false positive for Cheatpunch, there’s bound to be a screenshot there, just a matter of garry taking the time to prove it.

As for the image macro stuff, allow me to give you a bit of friendly advice. I must point out that I’m not a mod, so I can’t boss you around; this is advice. Facepunch isn’t 4chan, and image macros are frowned upon in almost all parts of FP. Use your own words to express yourself, basically.

To be honest, you probably would not have had any trouble at all if you’d simply posted, “Garry, I’d like to have my Steam ID checked, but you missed me the first time, can you please check me? [STEAM ID]”

It’s not lazy, it’s to the point, and there’s nothing wrong with posting your Steam ID a second time if garry overlooked or skipped you for whatever reason, assuming reasonable time’s passed (and in your case, I’d argue there was a reasonable time between posts). “bump”, on the other hand, adds nothing and is lazy posting, and FP has standards. I’m pretty sure that’s why the image macro rule exists, as well, to discourage lazy posting like that.

But I want to state, again, that I’m not a mod and the above is only advice and speculation, as I have not yet developed the skill to read the mods’ minds, and even if I could, predicting moderation is a bannable act. :v:

well if he does find one i have bigger issues than just a hacked client, which is why really I hope he does not find a screenshot.

My understanding of how Cheatpunch works is that Cheatpunch itself handles all ban detections in an automatic way, just like VAC does. Cheatpunch sends screenshots back to the mothership, but these screenshots aren’t used for primary detection. Instead, they’re used for human verification when a request to investigate the possibility of a false positive comes up, to back up the automated detection.

So far there’ve been over 5,000 bans handed out (possibly 6,000, I might be a bit behind), and not one false positive has been mentioned or announced. I think you should assume that the bigger issues are on your plate, and the very lucky miracle chance is that you’re the first false-positive and this is all a mistake and and garry has bugs to fix. Fingers crossed, but you’re in this situation because they already have reason to justify banning you. I don’t expect you to feel better about that, but it might help you make better decisions to assume that it’s not going to end up going your way.

i was a mod on a few servers. i know its nearly impossible to argue against the pluggin/game feature. but it has happened before, even if it is few. so i am hoping that it is that. hoping, not expecting.

as far 5000-6000 banned people goes, i thought it was more? it got over 4000 the first day it was implemented, so i would assume it would be anywhere around 10K to 20K, especially how bad it was before cheatpunch was implemented

I appreciate you being sensible and not raging. Since you are a rare case, and don’t seem to be in complete denial, I’m curious if you end up buying another copy are you going straight or will you continue to just buy new copies and utilize game cheats?

I’d like to get an idea for what most people who get banned do, and so far you are the most likely person to answer honestly and sincerely.

It depends if i get unbanned. this is a long standing account and i want to try to keep it clean if possible. if i get unbanned that will be that. if not, then it just depends if i feel like throwing another 20$ against the wall

also the only reason i am not flat out denying it is this is godlike accurate. If there is a screenshot, as i said before, i have worse problems than just a hacked game