VACs delayed bans (alone) are not suited for this game.

VAC does a great job of removing and preventing hackers from joining games. Typically this is done in games where there is no sense of permanence. In a game like CS:GO, if you encounter a hacker he may ruin a round or two and you can simply move on. The hacker ruins some select games but people have the option of moving on.

In Rust a single hacker can dismantle an entire server population’s week/month of work in an evening. Garry tells us that the delays can take up to 3 months to take effect. A single hacker can easily go from server to server in three months and invalidate months of work for hundreds of people.

VAC (alone) is not suitable for a game such as Rust with pseudo-MMO properties.

I play on official servers to avoid the rampant admin abuse I see elsewhere, but with zero admin intervention hackers are quickly making Official servers unplayable.

NA 4 is getting pretty hilarious.
There are 500+ Story metal towers being constructed with a hollow center. No stairs or anything.
50x50 metal foundation grids randomly all over the place. Stairways that go so high I can’t even render the ground anymore.

I have been headshot from the same guy 5x in a row instantly when I walked infront of his tower (He was barely even a few pixels viable, so I ran back naked a few times to verify he was aimbotting)
two hollow metal twin towers randomly placed by hackers.

So much of what makes this game great is working hard to build something out of yourself. If people can spend $10 on hacks and destroy it, the game loses incredible amounts of it’s appeal.

Is there a way to rollback servers? It could be a band-aid fix for this.

This wouldn’t really solve anything. Hackers would just come back again.

You are correct, hackers would likely just come back. However that does not answer his question.
The server owner can FTP or otherwise back-up save files. In the event that a rollback is necessary, you could replace the current save files with the backups.
This would require having backups to begin with, however, which most people won’t have without prior planning.

As stated before. The game is 64bit and VAC only supports 32bit. VAC hasn’t said anything on the subject. But after seeing dozens of VAC banned players in all of the rust servers I doubt VAC has done any major updates. So its going to be a long time before you see any bans go through. I have a feeling that its going to take longer than the normal couple of months. We will see.

The point of my making this thread is to explain why VAC isn’t a viable solution on it’s own.

VAC does it’s job pretty well, but it’s just the wrong tool for this game.

VAC as a supplementary tool could still be fine, but alone it’s not going to work.

You are right there needs to be admin tools to where if an admin feels something is wrong with a player he or she could pull screenshots for VAC and or have individual player logging system to where all of a sudden a player had on charge now he has 50 it could be turned in immediately.