VAC's IP address?

As of late, my dedicated server has been attacked frequently so I decided to block all IP’s which weren’t player IP’s, which in turn prohibits me from starting up a VAC secure server. Does anyone know VAC’s ip address or know where I can find them?

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Server can’t connect to VAC.

Do you even know what VAC stands for? (Tell me before going to your friend Google…)


Valve anti cheat. If I am wrong in my assumption then tell me why I can’t make my servers secure.

you connect to the Steam master list. Not the VAC servers.

Okay then, so why can’t I connect to the Steam master list?

Because you blocked all IPs that weren’t players. Which means you can’t connect to the Steam master list.

You just stole my words… - But you get it now, right Sammy?

So I need the the Steam master list’s IP. Anyone know it?

C:\Users\Administrator>nslookup -q=A

Non-authoritative answer:

Unblocked those, still can’t connect.

Why do you need VAC? If you’re blocking all IPs except certain players, just remove their IP from the whitelist if they’re cheating?
VAC doesn’t really matter anyway, the only cheat detectable by VAC is shut down now.

I would rather have it on.

-snip- misread that.

VAC is a program that works in the background and looks for things that alters the game in ways that aren’t allowed.

How do you know what IPs are and aren’t players?


It still has servers that you need to connect to in order for it to work.