Vagineers converge on a meal

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This wasn’t a vagineer pose, atfirst. IT was an engineer taking cover behind a dead heavy, but the facepose got to vagineer levels so I went along with it :smiley:

You can notice the BLU vagineer’s hand is s haped to hold a pistol, but It looked good without it too so I kept it.

The Dangerous Vaggies Engnineerus can take down multiple prey at once and is capable of eating 75% of it’s own body weight in meat. The Vaggies Engineerus, or Vagineer for short, often hunt in pairs or alone. Here we have two Vagineers about to feast upon a recently deceased prey, the Heavyuffalo.


(Nice picture, made me laugh :))

All I can say is,



Nice pose sir.

Yvarg maerc.



Great, now I’m gonna have nightmares for life.