Some soundtrack:

And yea this screen have a lot of sand…

I like it, although you could’ve spiced it up with some dudes/vehicles preparing to ambush the wagon or something in the background.

I think I may be the worst person ever to make this statement but

you just spawned a prop and added DoF this has literally 0 effort. It looks good but probably took you 5 minutes or something?
Especially because you can do stuff like this

By the multiple of texture colours, he probably assembled the wagon car himself from a lot of different models.

not sure if this is funny or sad

next time spend more than three seconds scrutinying the piece before commenting alright

Even if the truck was a single prop in a prefab world, everything in the picture has been calibrated to deliver an atmospheric and artistic scene. There’s a good amount of detail with plenty of things to look at, attention to detail has evenly been distributed throughout every element of the scene.

At the end of the day you could break everything made in gmod down to ‘props and dof’. Even if the picture is simplistic, the ‘less is more’ approach is a difficult concept to master. I’d rather look at a perfectly placed single prop with fine-tuned dof than 1,000 randomly placed grass effects with a million explosions and colors.

i want to reiterate what viper said

adding some characters to the scene would have added… character. right now it’s a nice picture with simple, decent composition, and the technical skill that went into making the truck is really impressive

the picture lacks a story though. really that’s what pushes a picture from being just pleasant to look at to being something that keeps the viewer interested and asking questions for longer. there’s a bit of character in the vehicle that i like - the slogan, the haphazard construction - that adds character, but there’s no telling where the truck is, or why, or where it’s going, or who owns it, or what they use it for, or why they need big guns. what’s the story?

pretty cool anyways though and i don’t blame you for not doing more with it because the truck itself probably took ages to make. as a side note you could have done a bit more with the colour, especially in the shadows

When I see this I think of: “Two days ago, I saw a vehicle that would haul that tanker. You want to get out of here? You talk to me”

“In roll we trust” could be more appropriate, since they’re…well, rolling, you know.