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VG or Vahalla Gaming was founded by Nathan and Frosty, it is a Rust++/Essentials server that we have all been working very hard on. The staff on the server are fair and they make sure they don’t abuse their powers for their own gain, for instance spawning weapons in etc… we just think, whats the point in playing a survival game when you will spawn in everything. We have zero tolerance to Hackers/Cheaters and if we sense someone hacking or cheating they will be permanantly banned from the server, and we will go into our own time and efforts to get them banned from Rust overall. The server was only recently created so not everything is perfect and if you have any suggestions or questions on the server just leave a comment below.

This is the current staff list at the moment.
Owner/Founder: Frosty
Admin(s): Nathan(Co-Founder)
Moderator(s): SolidSnake

The IP to the server is:
If you do not know how to connect to a server through ip what you have to do is open up the game press F1 and type in net.connect then after you connect once you can connect again by going into your server history tab, its easy!

Door Sharing
Kits + VIP donator kits
Insta Craft
Rust ++

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Here we go!

Website is now up!