Vahki rorzakh From Bionicle.

Here is another one of my Bionicle requests this time its for this guy here:

Unfortunately every time I make a request for a model from Bionicle the few that want to do the modeling either fail to do so or fail to finish the request. I am hoping someone can do this request for me, if it isn’t possible to make the model I would recommend trying to port it from the Bionicle: Heroes game, I will also provide references if any are needed.

Aw come on, doesn’t anyone want to see this in-game?

I found two more references and also quite frankly I don’t care about the ratings everyone gives me, I’ll keep on bumping this thread until my request gets done.

Anyway, here are the references:

Original ones were better

Pohatu 4 life

I did ask for Pohatu at one point but no one was willing to make the model.