The huge dragon from Lineage 2.



Finger posing
Toe posing
Foldable (ish) wings via finger poser and toe poser (ring finger for front wings, smallest toe for rear wings)
3 sizes (0.5x small, 1x regular, 2x big)


Toe poser

[tab]Things to note:[/tab]

Wings are hard to pose, with them being 4 instead of 2. They get in the way of everything. :v:


Allyslayernl provided the model.

Freaking awesome!
You should rip some models from the King Kong game.
Especially the king kong model itself is insane.

Woot another dragon.
Awesome work mate…

Awesome! Don’t stop porting!

finally a dragon to remember from that “no life” game got my download

That is the sexiest dragon I’ve ever seen.

Very nice dragon.

I would love to see more creatures from Lineage, like Baium or Antharas

I want to see how Zaken would look like in GMod. Especially with face/finger :smiley:

i prefer all if it’s possible just to remember those good times when L2 was good

Second picture, what a graciuos landing.

I wish there was a version with only 2 wings