Valentine Sisters

Try asking for their number.

I think the left one will never be able to walk with such a horrible spine fracture…
what a pitty… :frowning:

can i have both your numbers

She stands quite normally. Upper body slightly turned. I really do not understand what you see.

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You have to be horny as hell to ask that in front of those guns:smile:

I dont think you got 100 percent of what lembowsky meant in his post. Anyway I digg the light edit.

i was diagnosed with chronic over-confidence

I like angle and good lighting =)

I’ve just realised that the one on the left has a slightly larger chest than the one on the left.

She got a boob job in between RE3 and RE5.

she needs a nose job holy fuck

do you have a fetish for clones

Clones? I posed to different Jill models together. Was a hint at the Valentine’s day coming up.
Began as a joke on DeviantArt.

She’s beautiful enough as it is, foo’! :commissar:

pfft who wouldn’t want to get screwed by those clones