Valentine's Day

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This Video Continues from My December.

14th February 2010, 1 Year & 2months after the death of his father. He Recalls his 1st time being alone on Valentine’s Day

At the end Of the video you will find out what happens to his girlfriend. (suspense)

Yes, I know What You’re Thinking Facepunch, sorry.

Your editing is okay, but the video is really, really way too lengthy — shots which last more than 10 seconds are generally not recommended, especially if they’re not rich visually or if nothing happens in them, such as here

did my facepose fix work?

you mean the scenery shots?


no not really. I still had the eye problem. and what do you think?

The eye problem you where having.


The eye looked like it closed, I don’t see the problem you had.


also the video was good, my only gripe is a better map choice, some maps seemed alittle bare.
Faceposing was good, i know its linkin park, but it seemed fitting, but again try to stray away from linkin park.

The eyes weren’t completely closed. they were suppose to stay closed but i gave up on trying to make it stay closed.

and the map? yeah i knew you would say that. I know it’s a construct map. I felt the scenery was fitting. and it was what i had in mind.

I think i may know why they didn’t close all the way.
Did you make sure the flex animation for the eyes, i noticed the keyframes where alittle to low on the line.
How do i say it, maybe not enough % on the keyframe for the lid to close.


but either way it looked fine and it dosn’t really matter.

I put the last keyframe RIGHT at the top then after i save it. the keyframe is changed so it slopes down. causing it to open its eyelids

well you got to remember the SDK dosn’t work 100% of the time.

unfortunetly. sigh

-Understandably, the faceposing was a wee bit off, but 90% better then of others.

-The green screen shots were very well done- could hardly tell.

-Song was kinda gay IMO, but I understand why you choose it.

-For your future videos, just say “made by/created by” instead of “produced”-produced sounds a bit pretentious

-Filter is over done in the beginning.-I hate that stupid white filter that scoutking always uses.- It looks like shit from 0:00 to 2:13, but from 2:13 to the end, it looks great, especially HD.

-Over all video quality is great-FPS,Graphics settings and codec you rendered it in.

-Don’t add some weird story in the side bar. Just let the video explain it.

-Try to not do the 70% opacity side shots of him singing over and over again. Make them single shots and chang it up a bit.

-Kinda weird how he was falling and the texture was no draw, so you could see the skybox

-I’d love to see you do a music video that is positive/energetic/not depressing like Reel Big Fish, Andrew W.K., Primus, Rage Against the Machine, (I know you like Rise Aganist)

Could you tell me where I was off with the faceposing? thanks
I didn’t use any filters at all. I used gmod’s in-game post-processing.
please explain why not to use and what you mean about the 70% opacity shots.
I do not know who is Rage Against The Machine. (And Yes Rise Against is Brilliant.)
I did not use Any codec.
About the falling part, yes there was a great lack of map choices which fitted that scene. so I had to compromise on that.

Yes, I know I used linkin park again I just had to it was very fitting. To be honest with you my video’s will be depressing until later in the year.
but ofcourse, I will make some positive video’s that’s a promise, it’s just a matter of when.

Wrong :eng101:

not for this guy anyways! xD

I liked how you had him singing it. I like the song.

Its really hard to tell, but some phenoms are off, but its understandable. If the person watching did not know how to use face poser, they probably can not even tell. do it the right way or… Do it the “cool” way.

Stop motion takes a long time, but is awesome.

well could you specify the time please?


are you implying faceposer isn’t cool? ):<

How long it took to make the video?

1 week, why do you ask?