Valera, finish him already

“Should we worry?”
“Nah, he’ll deal with it”


Ehh, it’s been a while. Glad to be back.
Made on urban_scenebuild_night

Love ya, Joazzz <3

Good God. I don’t often check the differences between originals and the edited versions, but that is some night and day wizardry. Amazing work, sir. Just beautiful.

Really nice editing, if I must say.
I wonder why on the original there is an axe sticking out of the prone guy’s back. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s part of a model, no bodygroup to get it off, so I photoshopped it off along with “OMOH” since I figured riot police wouldn’t be fighting aliens.

Looks awesaome, i love the editing.

Posing is also exellent, really nice scenebuild.

the effects are nice but unfitting due to the overall blandness of the rest of the scene

The muzzleflash seems pretty flat too me.
And as Joazzz said the effects stand out a lot due to the dark scene.
But overal this is a real cool pose and it’s got lot of action!

Nice pic.